Morty Smith

Discord Unban Req

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My In-Game name: Big Dick Morty

Discord ID: Morty#6225 | 577578791065616405

Discord Name: Morty#6225

What is the reason for your ban: "Being a pain"

How long were you banned for: Perma I believe 

Name of the staff member who banned you: Lewis 

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned from this great discord server, due to the fact that I have came to the realisation that I was in the wrong. I should not of have been disrespecting a select few of members I should not have said what I said even if they deserved it or not. I wish to replay the server however it is impossible for me to get past LCPL due to the fact that the discord is a key resource of completing the SWRP journey. 

Evidence: N/A

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Current Ranks:


Past Ranks: 501st Commando Squad Leader - Battalion Captain - DU Lieutenant Colonel  -  Jedi Sentry - Jedi Scout - 104th Colonel 


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I mean it says it in the reason of the ban. The only way to get unbanned would be to prove that you are needed in the discord by obtaining a rank on the server.

Past SWRP Ranks
CW Grand Admiral, CW Manager,
CW 501st Commander x2, CW ARC Commander,
CW RC OS Squad Leader F61, CW Jedi Fighter

IRP Grand Admiral, IRP Vice Manager

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