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In Game Name: Gordon Black


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:145447595


List of warns: 8, very old ones.


Any previous or current staff experience: Current, Mod. Previously, Senior Admin.


Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min): I think there is a couple of reasons, one, I've been in countless events, the V5/V6 events, random events here and there, the event that got the event team removed, and even some recent ones, which to cut it short basically means I understand what is needed as an event planner. In addition, I’m trusted, well known, and have over 1000 hours+ on the server alone. But I think more importantly I have lots of free time and times to think through events and create them by planning them step by step. A good event takes a lot of time to create and I take that to heart as I don’t want to create a half ass event but one that is remembered and I can ensure that I’ll work on it for more than  5 minutes and get the correct people, all of the models and sweps that are needed to ensure when it starts it isn’t everyone running around to get what’s needed but to get the show on the road, I like to create the large events the ones that last for more than 30 minutes, I can do minor events aswell, but I think I would be best at the large ones which I think in a large team where some people can make minor ones and some people can make large ones, it could actually work.


Pre-Event members needed

One O5.

Competent Researchers.

One Competent HoEA.

Four competent people to be Guards/Deavent starter Fighters.

Staff to overview the event.

Event staff to give all that is needed.






First Section


IC: Site-19 would be carrying on its average duty, fighting GOI’s, testing on the numerous SCPs, nothing unusual. Until four armed men would enter through MT, each one dressed in military gear holding assault rifles, they wear tags on their chest stating “MTF Lamaba-5” and in the middle of the group, cuffed, appeared to skinny middle-aged man. Lamaba-5 escort the man in a VIP Prisoner Diamond to a pre-build Human sized containment chamber fitted out with a minor library, table, and chair in EZ Big Room. Lamaba-5 sit the Man down in an available chair, un-cuff him, walk out, lock the CC, and stand guard until further notice. They patrol around the CC and insure no one can gain access inside the CC or within 3 meters of the CC.


OOC: Lamaba-5 would be made of four trusted people; their PM would be the TRO model and they would wear a custom Pac that simply would put a lvl 3 keycard on their chest stating “Lamaba-5”. They would be TP’ed to MT and then I would TP myself to them with a researcher PM, they would then cuff me, blindfold me and walk through MT until to EZ Big Room where there would be a Pre-Placed mini cell fitted out with some minor props where they would drop me off and then protect the CC until further notice. To insure that the RP can’t be ruined, a mini cease fire will be made with the Foundation and any hostile GOI, meaning that they can’t raid the Foundation and the Foundation can’t raid them, any CI within the site will just be TP’ed out and given the reason why, and any Nu-7 or other MTF on the surface will just be asked to return to site. This cease fire will remain until the 5th section (This will be important in Section 3) and to EZ Big Room to insure that the Research RP and everyone else their can’t be harmed. To insure that it can’t be abused and to be a “Mini Safe Zone” Nu-7 will be offered the chance to protect the outside of EZ Big Room inside Pre-Build Check points to limit traffic, and  prevent abusers. Nu-7 can also refuse and go do normal RP, that is up to them, but if they wish to stick around they’ll be the first for section 5 and they’ll have to be apart of Section 5 no matter what (Unless they somehow get onto the surface and decide to stay there.) Although very important to note that combat between MTF and Hostile GOI's and surface can still happen, just no raiding the Foundation. 


Second Section


IC: As soon the Man is gets comfortable in his seat and is in-cuffed he will take out a book from his pocket, a bloody nondescript black book, sit down and open its one of numerous pages, he would remain speechless. In the meantime, Numerous random Researcher would be escorted to the CC under the order of site administration, asked to step up a mini lab, books, and notepads. As soon as they are done setting up they would be commanded to approach the CC, show their Clearances cards and IDs to Lamaba-5 and then enter. They would then introduce themselves, pull chairs and then attempt to talk to the man, at first the Man would simply ignore, them, the Researchers with no options would be commanded to conduct multiple tests on him in the meantime. The man wouldn’t mind, and this would last for a couple of minutes until the Man book finally ends with him staring at the back of it’s bland black back cover. The man would then stop whatever test in being conducted on him, then pat himself, mutter a swear and then ask the Researchers a knife,  the Man would then explain (If they haven’t asked already) why he needs a knife, saying  “I need it to continue my book.” The Researchers obviously would ask more questions, but the Man would remain silent, and then offer them a deal, in exchange for more questions, they would need to give him a knife and something that he would enjoy, this could be Music, food & Water, whatever. The Researchers would be placed in a mini pickle between attempting to please the man, but also to not go overboard and not annoy site administration. They would attempt to offer items that, until it pleased the man and was allowed by site administration. After that the man, with a bit of groan he starts telling them info, the  Researchers would start taking notes until he gains all the info they need, at first they would learn who the man is, his obsession for  the book, and why he needs the knife, after that they would start asking questions until the man says no more, then would give him all the items they offered, he would then slice his hand, make it bleed over the book, and then continue reading. The Researchers would continue testing on him and asking questions with him answering here and there or spewing random lines from the book.


OOC: I’ll be uncuffed and I will spawn a book that is just a regular one but black, and “read” in RP, then some random researchers would be sent up to test on me (Note: In OOC chat 10 mins before the event people would be asked if they would like to researcher in an event, those that did want too would be randomly chosen and sent up to me) they would then be asked by the O5 and sent the message via the SD to set up a lab, and do everything stated above. Once I feel as though they are complete with the testing RP I would then “Run out of my book” and then say my scripted lines, the Researchers then would have offer me stuff, before the event starts the O5 would be told to be extremely harsh on what is to be given to me, once I feel as though the Researchers could offer me the best deal, I would give them first a scripted part on who I am “44 year old, William Price, history professor from New York, his love for Knowledge and more importantly his obsession  of the book about The Daevites, an Ancient Race. The Book fulfills his need of knowledge, with him unable to stop with its thousands of pages of endless info, the book unfortunately does stop, but, all that is needed to continue the book is the Blood of an living thing, human or not.” Then after that the Script ends and the Reseachers are allowed to ask as many questions until I run out of answers or until I feel as though they cannot ask for more. Then I would “Slice into my hand” at which point someone would reduce my health by 10-20hp and then I would “Continue reading the book” then researchers can still ask me questions or continue testing on me, I’ll also be saying random lines such as  “The women wake before the men, and collect the grain in baskets before heading out to the pens. They water and feed the fowl and hogs and cattle, before attending to the crops. One Turn after the rising Sun, men of the village are roused, and break their fast at the head of the table, joined by the elders, wives, daughters, and sons of the settlement. Then, the men carry their axes and hatchets to the forests, where they cut down pine for fires and elm for the home.”  Here and there just to confuse them.



Third Section


IC: The testing would continue, The Man (Now called William from this point on) answering questions and refusing some. Meanwhile unbenounced to William or the Researchers, Two CI spies Member have entered the site and they have one goal and that is to retrieve Williams Book. Wearing sharp suits and armed with Suppressed Pistols, they get through Gate A and Glass Gate quickly with a clearance Keycard they picked up off the ground from a previous mission, they walk by the guards guarding EZ Big Room flashing quickly their ID’s stating “Romeo-7 | Suited Gentlemen” walking inside they quickly notice the CC, with a simple nod to each other they quickly end the Lamaba-5 Guarding the CC, with no resistance they enter the CC, they inform everyone inside with their booming voices to put their hands up and to not call on comms for anything and to hand them the book, The Researchers left with no options obey, unfortunately William isn’t going to lose his book without a fight and quickly draws the knife, but he’s not match for their pistols and is taken out quickly. They pick up the book  and strip the comms of a pair  of comms from one of the Researchers, quickly sending a message through the Foundation stating as such “We are Chaos Insurgency, currently in EZ Big Room we have your Researchers hostages, we have two demands, let us keep your book and release us, or else.”


OOC: Two out of the Four Lamaba-5 Guards will be chosen to be the CI Spies, they’ll have their model changed to a field agent and have their ID’s state “Romeo-7 | Suited Gentlemen” both will be armed with Desert Eagles with suppressors and given a clearance lvl 3 keycard each, before they reach EZ Big Room although the remaining Lamab-5 Guards will clear out EZ Big Room of all armed personal to ensure the scripted part will go with no flaw, once the all clear is given, they’ll enter, kill both Lamaba-5 Guards with the Lamaba-5 Guards told to not give a fight, and quickly cuff everyone in the CC before the death of William Price scene starts. Then they’ll continue on with the scripted part.



Section 4

IC: MTF under the command of Site Administration are told to flood EZ Big Room and to not fire upon the CI Spies, once they all enter the CI spies will offer them the deal once more in person to the HoEA , then it’ll be up to him to decide to kill both CI spies or to listen to their demands, The CI spies give them 5 minutes before they blow up their suicide vests that would kill everyone in the room. The time is ticking.


OOC: MTF will be told to not fire upon the CI spies and to avoid in the off chance some retarded Nu-7 shoots anyways they’ll be godded until they offer their deal again in person. They’ll give them five minutes to decide, once their over, event staff will throw down a couple of RPG’s or any other explosive hopefully killing everyone. Although we’re hoping it doesn’t happen and the CI spies will be told to extend the time by a minute everytime they hit the limit just to make sure the event doesn’t end that quickly, it’s to rush them without a risk to actually end the event.


Section 5 (Part A)


IC: The MTF and the HoEA look at each for a couple of moments, each of them thinking and deciding, and then the order finally goes out, Kill the CI spies, they are quickly taken out and Hostages and Anomaly are saved, not a single Foundation member life lost or injured, a success. Unfortunately for the Foundation it isn’t that simple as immediately Gate A and MT and being hacked open, MTF scrabble to their positions as all hell opens loose, Chaos Insurgency, Church of the Broken God, and T.C.S break through and it’s an all hell battle. Both sides firing upon each other until either one is dead. The GOI Goal, kill the O5 and retrieve the Book.


Foundation Wins: If the Foundation wins, The book will explode and everyone NLR will be revoked and normal RP will being again.


The GOI’s Win:  If the GOI’s win, the nukes will be launched under of the command of the  Daevents killing everyone and pretty much resetting everyone to allow normal RP to being again.


OOC:  All of the Hostile GOI’s will be teleported 10 mins before anything will happen, they’ll be waiting around until the HoEA  decides, if the HoEA does decide to shoot the CI then a witcher gate will open outside of MT and Gate A with two squads going through them, a perma prop will be placed over GG lockdown to insure that the Gate A squad can’t be stopped. Then all hell will break out. To insure that no NLR or other rules will be broken, a perma prop will be placed over all MTF spawns, this to make sure none of them will escape, although for any new spawning MTF that have not died yet, a sign will be placed stating just to call for an admin to release them. As for the GOI’s, a perma prop will placed over the subway to make sure no new GOI’s can enter, the same will process if a new GOI wants to enter their will be a sign and a staff member will let them by.



Section 5 (Part B)


IC: The MTF and the HoEA look at each for a couple of moments, each of them thinking and deciding, and then the order finally goes out, give them what they want, with look of defeat, the HoEA gives them what they want, but before it can happen, the book lights on fire, the CI and the rest of the Foundation look awe shocked. Moments later both CI are slayed,  An erry demonic noise can be heard and all of the doors of EZ Big Room are locked no way in or out, after a few minutes,  A portal opens up, 5 characters walk out, 1 with a sword out, who takes the lead, and the rest line up behind the lead with Harpoons drawn in a double column formation. Each party look at each other before the head of the Characters speaks,


“We are the sons of Iloquim! The Chosen! We have been sent here to fight the Unbelievers! I am the great Alkri! I Alkri has led fourscore of his finest warriors, Slaughtering the slumbering sentinels, Alkri opened the gates of Julabin and let his Black Horde into the city. For three Lengths and three Sets, Alkri and his men pillaged and raped and burned, until the once mighty Julabins were no more. Thus the Great Siege ended, and Alkri once again led our people to glory! The Great Alkri will bring the same for these! The great leaders of the Unbelievers will be perished! We, as Daevites, are the supreme race. No other can match our glory. Our culture shall be spread by the sword and the spear and the holy chant. We are the Daevites. We are absolute! ”


And without a moment notice, the characters behind the speaker pull out swords and begin their siege, all of the doors to EZ Big Room open but it’s only for a few moments to escape before all hell breaks lose, on top of the additional knights, additional swarm of Knights come from every direction spilling out from portals, a battle of a life time. The Knights final goal for this blood bath, to kill the O5.


If the Knights win: They’ll get godded, say a quick phrase over comms of the Davevents and be Witchered gated out.


If the Foundation Wins: The O5 will say a final speech, then everyone’s NLR will be revoked and normal RP will begin again.

OOC: :  All of the Hostile GOI’s will be teleported 10 mins before anything will happen, they’ll be waiting around until the HoEA  decides, if the HoEA decides to comply with the Demands all the GOI’s in the event room will be started to change to knights by having their weapons stripped, get new swords, and get their model changed to the Sarkic Karcist model. Then, when both CI will be slayed this will be playing via a radio ( and a dupe will be placed to lock all of the doors to set the mood and to give a bit more time to get prepared. I will the leader of the Daevents, the original Daevent knights will be the Lamab-5 Guards. Then once we’re prepared the RP will being and once I’m complete I’ll delete the dupe and additional witcher gates will be spawned and more Knights will come through, they will all have 200 health and no armor but only armed with a sword. The same as before where Subway and MTF spawns will be perma propped and the same system will begin, except no one can enter through the subway and if a knight dies then they are out of the event.


The Event overview & Summary





 The Whole event is planned to last around 30-55 minutes. With the order of RP of each section as such.


Passive RP -> Passive RP -> Passive /Combat RP -> Passive/Combat RP -> Combat RP


This to make sure to not only add lots of Passive RP but to also make it fun and add Combat RP so that everyone is included.




Section 1: 3-5 minutes


Section 2: 10-20 minutes


Section 3: 3-5 minutes


Section 4: 5-15 minutes


Section 5: 10-20 minutes









Note: Their might be Typos, Bear with me. Also, I changed my whole Event app. 


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Too bad EC no longer on the sever, but the event job is always there, luckily. I sort of like the event idea, but I think involving only 2 groups (first being event people - Price, guards, HR, second group being the EC with guards) for the duration of 3 sections that in total may last about 35 mins without any outside-interaction is a bit of an overstack: Other MTFs, by default E-11, B-7 or Nu-7 will have nothing to do, whilst there could be a possible infiltration going on by the CI during the escort, let's say, that for example the escort of Lamada-5 is made of CI who took over and carried on to cause some havoc from the inside? Would put some more action going, but I get it - less combat more passive, WG SCP TDM would prefer more combat more passive, but it's your event idea.

Previous event staff experience, out of all did something good


+1 willing to see more events, as long as they are not USSR D block offensives - 40 Class D's loaded with top tier military gear, AK-74's and turrets.

Edited by Inspector Willrick


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47 minutes ago, Inspector Willrick said:

Too bad EC no longer on the sever, but the event job is always there, luckily. I sort of like the event idea, but I think involving only 2 groups (first being event people - Price, guards, HR, second group being the EC with guards) for the duration of 3 sections that in total may last about 35 mins without any outside-interaction is a bit of an overstack: Other MTFs, by default E-11, B-7 or Nu-7 will have nothing to do, whilst there could be a possible infiltration going on by the CI during the escort, let's say, that for example the escort of Lamada-5 is made of CI who took over and carried on to cause some havoc from the inside? Would put some more action going, but I get it - less combat more passive, WG SCP TDM would prefer more combat more passive, but it's your event idea.

Yeah I noticed the same, even for the passive RP jobs it’s a bit limited. I’m currently re-working it so that it’s more fun for everyone. The only reason I’ve limited it at first was that every time CI and Foundation fought their always been issues, with the events going off track, people constantly breaking nlr and other rules, just a headache. I’m hoping to allow MTF to be on the surface and to do some extra RP and for more passive RP jobs to be more involved in research and other stuff. Currently the app just needs a change, and to be a lot cleaner and for me to fix the fuck ton of spelling mistakes.

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1 hour ago, Borat Koslowski said:

appart from "the greater good part"
do you even know where its from?

I'm lost, what do you mean? Do you mean when the ECM decides to revolt and destroy the book for the "Greater Good" or something else? Because that whole section I made up. What I used to inspire me was this tale if that's what you mean.



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5 minutes ago, Nathan Kennedy said:


That was a good movie

5 minutes ago, Borat Koslowski said:

i mean like, the Term "for the greather good"

Well it depends on contexts, like in this context, in exchange for destroying the book the ECM thought it could be for the Greater Good where instead of getting an anomaly, he could save a man, where yes, getting an anomaly is good, but the Greater Good is saving another innocent man's life. Or atleast that's what I assume it means, if not correct me please. Also, finally are you giving me a neutral for not understanding the Term "For the Greater Good"? Or is their is something else?

Edited by Johnwickisblak



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only senior admin for staff experience god get this guy outta here jesus christ

Current Ranks: ICRP Senior Moderator

Previous Ranks: Sith Sub-Path Leader, Battalion Lieutenant Colonel, 501st Major, DarkRP Admin, Deathrun Admin, CG Colonel, SCP RP Super Admin. SCP-096, The Serpants Hand, CI Delta, IJAMEA, O5-3. Site Director, GOC, Echo-14, MC&D Salesman, Anderdon Robotics Robot, Sarkic Karcist/Vice-Manager, SCP-1048 (When WL), Head Researcher, MTF E-11 Commander, Ethics Committee, Church of the broken God Maxwellism/Orthodox, Harrow-23 Manager And NU-7


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I've noticed alot of people complaining how my Event is too Passive RP and/or scripted. So I've decided to change about the whole event and now I believe it should be now more fun, less scripted and allow more people to RP. Any other comments above about an ECM and other stuff, ignore as there is no more ECM part in the event. This event is about the same topic but other than that almost completely different. Thanks for reading and I'm open to anymore feedback! 

Thank you to Wallcroft and Willrick for their honest feedback allowing me to reflect and to improve.

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4 hours ago, Pagan / David Schtuaf said:



leave it to deathrun retards to -1 an app on a server where no one knows them


great staff, has more than 7 braincells, and interesting events.

insert all my fucking wls here so i can prove i have worth in life


Earlier today I was really horny, and I saw what I thought to be a blank dvd. I thought, DVDs have a tight hole, they might feel pretty good. So I put my soft pp into the hole of the DVD, and for a few seconds as I started getting harder, it felt pretty good, but then, once I was fully erect, it started being painful. My pp was stuck in the dvd, and I had to break it in half to get if out. It was then when I flipped the broken dvd over and realized that it was not a blank dvd, but a copy of the movie UP. Well guys, guess I fucked up.

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