Please sort out rules of engagement on scavs.

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This is coming from a CG who has been in this situation many times and heard so many different opinions on what you are meant to do from staff and battalion etc.

Please make the rules clear on how to apprehend a scavenger who is disguised as a clone and is hostile. 

Some people say you can't shoot them because you don't know they are a scavenger and you must try and arrest them. But we can't combat stun or combat cuff.

Then some say just shoot them. But then surely its metagaming if we don't arrest the people who killed them because of golden rule?

The rules are just too vague and when a scav is on people just run around shouting different opinions on how to handle the situation. Would be nice for the rules to be clarified.

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As Henk stated, I'm already sorting them out. I'll give you the accepted win.





Credit to Loki for this.



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