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Defrexx unban numero 2

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My In-Game name: Defrexx

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com): STEAM_0:0:75192297 

Steam Name: Defrexx

What is the reason for your ban: NH2RP, Deleting documents

How long were you banned for: Perm

Name of the staff member who banned you: Lewis

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:


I already thouroughly apologized for what I did in the past in my previous unban requests. Senior staff agreed that I am fine to come back but due to actions of people that I am associated with I did not get unbanned.

But here it is again for those who have not read it,

I made a long journey slogging through the ranks and building a reputation for myself on CWRP. I ruined it by minging on several occasions on my prestige job and insulting people. I recognize the impact of my actions in the past and I would like to apologize to all community members playing CWRP at the time that I got banned. I am now asking for a second chance.

I would also like to further clarify my intentions on what I will be doing on the server. I plan on occasionally participating in events and doing some trading on the Jedi job if I manage to get unblacklisted from it. If that does not work out I plan on playing on and off on RP jobs. 

SMT Agreed I could post another unban request so soon if my friends do not shitpost on it, I have asked them not to do so. I also recognize that this unban request may be short for some people's standards but there is literally nothing to add from me. 

Evidence: N/A

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Seems really genuine and clearly well-thought out

As someone who was there and witnessed most of what he did on the server prior to his ban I feel that this unban request is fitting and should result in a second chance given

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I wasn't apart of the server when you were around but judging by the fact that you spoke to SMT and have tried to become unbanned a second time I believe that you are being genuine compared to a lot of these unban requests lately. 

Good luck!

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holy balls guys


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Genuine guy, it has been long time and he deserves a second chance.

He feels remorseful, and the fact that he is making many unban requests shows that he actually wants to get unbanned.

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Defrexx genuinely sound like he wants to get unbanned and when I spoke to him he is friendly and is here to play with friends on the server not minge around. 

In my opinion Defrexx should be unbanned on a 1 strike basis. 


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It sounds like he wants to play the server with good intentions and it has been an while since you were banned. But I believe that putting you on a 1 warn basis for 2 or 3 weeks would be good.

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