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Cowpoke Ban Sentence Appeal

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Guest Cowpoke
Posted May 22 (edited)

My In-Game name: Alan Roger

STEAMID: (STEAM_0:1:503332640)

Steam Name: Cowpoke

What is the reason for your ban:  Ordering Mass RDM

How long were you banned for: Permanently

Name of the staff member who banned you: Max Livio

I was banned from SCP RP by Max Livio for Ordering Mass RDM of D class.  Ok so let me first say I am new to this server but worked very hard to get to level 50 to get site advisor. However this does not change the fact that I was wrong and I accept that. The incident goes as follows: I was a site advisor it was my first time as one and the incident took place during a containment breach of 076-2 I was trying to hide in the D class cells and I said if they didn't move out the way to kill them. I was also using voice chat and in the moment I said kill them all, which I should not have done. The guards proceeded to kill all D class near the entrance and near the cells. The people who did it were following orders, it was me who was in the wrong not them and fortunately the admins understood that, as do I. I am relatively new the server with one day playtime at the time of the incident I was new to this position of power and did not understand this properly even though I should have. I am truthfully sorry for what I did and regret it. After reflecting on my actions I understand I should be punished I am not asking for the ban to be removed but to have a reduced sentence as I have enjoyed playing on this server and ask that you forgive me for my actions. I know I am asking rather soon but I am new to the server and hope you understand that even though that should not exempt me from punishment I ask that you take that into consideration. I am sorry and hope to be able to play again seriously and respectfully.



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Being new doesnt exempt you from the rules, not to mention you shouldve read them upon joining, new or otherwise.  You Mass ORDMd, and you pay the price

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