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Steam Name + Profile link: REX -

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan)104th Senior Commander

Teamspeak Name:Rex

Playtime on the Server: 5mo 3w 1d 12h 50m

SteamID ( STEAM_0:1:116494739

Any experience in staffing: yes staff before on different server

Current Age: 21


Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: yes

Event Plan:

Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):

Map:  Vanqour

Clone Ecs:
B1 Heavies - 2k hp - x2

Commando Droids - 2.5k hp x6

Tank Droids - 1.5k hp x 2

Sniper droid - 3k hp x 1 (depends on how many 41st are on)

Jedi Ec's

Portal protector  - 15k hp x 1 (starting guy)

Followers of the Force Lord - 50k hp x 2 

Powerful Force Lord- 100k x 1

Republic's Execution:


Radio SOS call will come in from a crashing venator and will be asking for Battalion assistant. And will give location and radio comms will be lost.

The leading battalion will inform the clone that they will be leaving Base to assist the Venator on the planted that it has crashed on. When the clones arrive on the planet, scouting around the planet should begin to see if there is any movement when arriving at the near the bunker for a few seconds a commando droid will appear then disappear back into cloak. While this is happening, it would be a great idea to set up the FOB.

Once the command droid is seen the information should be relayed back to leading battalion so he can further deal with the situation and while this is happening the commando's droid will be sitting and waiting in cloak for the clones to come into the bottom of the bunker. 

Once the clones are in the bunker the droid will come out of cloak and Suprise attack the republic 
While this is happening, there will be an explosion at FOB and an attack by b1 heavies and Tanks will begin on the fob.

After a Small time of Jedi helping the clones, an explosion will sound and a portal and a Sith Looking Person standing like he is protecting something and jedi will head over to sort that while the clones carry on sorting out the droids and tanks. Hostile tanks will then appear from different angles attacking the republic with the b1 heavies along with a sniper droid while this is Happening there will be a terminal within the bunker for RC or CE to hack which will start the RC/ARC mission

The Elite clones will get the first location which will be a building that will contain a ray shielded Portal which will have to be hacked that will lead them to where the High Admiral will be held by a bunch of commando droids. They will have to fight all the commando droid to be able to get the  High Admiral There will be a few doors they have to breach in order to do so.




White the Elite clones are doing their mission the last of the CIS will launch (edited no clue why it said laugh)one final attack on the FOB and it's up to the Republic to defend for their lives and they wait for more friendlies to arrive on the ground 



Once the Portal and Men appear Jedi will have to  try to figure out what the portal is for by taking to the man staying near the portal the man will not say much but will start to get more angry the more the jedi try to speak to him. After some time of the jedi trying to speak to the guy he will start to attack once he is dead a burst of energy from his body hits the portal and the jedi are sucked into the portal that leads to a temple looking area where they encounter a dark robed guy siting in a chair being bowed down to by two other robed guys. When the jedi speak try to speak to them the guy sitting down tells his fellow people to be silent while he speaks to the jedi. 

The Guy sitting down tell the jedi how is was once a powerful jedi who now using the dark and light side of the force to become the most powerful force user in the universe. He will tell the jedi that they are wrong and being powerful like he is will be the way and he will see that jedi and sith will both be destroy and purposes that us as Jedi join him just like these two Sith just did  and pledge your Allegiance to him. Once the jedi refuse he tell his new followers to attack and prove their worth to him. Once both followers have fallen he will say he has had enough and attack screaming I will prove you wrong and  i am the most powerful being in the universe. Once the Jedi have defeated the guy the portal will activate and pull the jedi back through to back to the start.

Event Character Execution:


The  commando Droids will stay were they are until the right moment and when the clones are in the bunker they will pop out and attack. Once the Selected Regiments have made it to the room with a bunch of dead clones the Commando Droid will pop out of cloak and attack the Regiments that are there. One they die at that spawn a good few times they will be moved to above the bunker to shot down at the clones. 


The tanks and b2 heavies will prep for 212th and the rest of the regs at the base. Once 212th and the rest of the regs arrived the EC's will attack straight away and try to gun down all the clones.The Tank EC'S will be placed in random locations. After the tanks are destoryed twice the tank EC will be swap to b2 heavies. 

Once this is done all spawn will be set to the caves behind the ray shield ready for the final stage of the event and the droids will prep for the fight of their lives


The first guy is to just stand and make sure no one goes through the portal and to not answer any questions he is asked & properly will die give due to low health to progress the story. The Sith Sorcerer who will be sitting down his job will try to get the jedi to turn and join his side and destroy the rest of the jedi and sith alike. The two Sith Warriors jobs will be to protect the Sith Sorcerer on his command to attack. They can taunt jedi if they wish.


Event Information:


The Cis have damaged a Ventor causing it to crash into a nearby planet and hear the open comms SOS call to the republic and have landed some troops to capture the Admiral of the ship and kill the rest of his troops which they do. The republic will arrive in search of the saviours and must focus finding and saving the Admiral of the ship. The Cis aim to catch the Republic off guard so best to be careful with every turn.


The jedi are here coz they had a report of a Sith Gathering but turns out they aren't Sith any longer but now the Proud followers of THE Powerful Force Lord as he calls himself. And the powerful force lord will try his hardest to get the jedi to join his cause against jedi and Sith alike but once he fails, he will get his followers to attack the Jedi once the jedi defeat his followers he will attack and sadly the jedi will have to defeat him.

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:Nope

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:n/a

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?: 

The responsibilities of an Ep are to make good, Fun and enjoyable events for both clone and jedi and also the people playing as Ec in your event.

 Also the ULX power of an EP matches that of an Senior Admin which is a quite high rank in staff. An EP shouldn't interfere with staff matters unless  their are 0 staff online and people need help.  Also just because you have ULX power doesnt mean you can do what u want and abuse it.

The main goal is to try and make sure every single player has fun in each event and want to come back to play another one of your events. 

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:
Yes i understand and agree with this

Anything else?: Good Luck to every one who going for WG Event planner job 🙂

Also sorry if the formatting is off i am not very good at formatting. 

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+1 This guys is amazing

App is alright

Great ranks

Event plan is intresting

Current Ranks.

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Good event plan

Well trusted and a great leader

Has been staff before

Also a great guy that managed to help 442nd out as temp CMDR when it was close to dying


You could have proofread the app as grammar is sometimes wrong. An example of this is the Republic Execution's last sentence says:

"The last of the CIS will laugh one final attack on the FOB."

A lot of ECs needed for this event. The Sith and Clone ECs together need 15. You will also need someone to be the Admiral for the RC mission so that would be 16 ECs in total when Event Hosts already have a hard time getting just 2 Jedi EC.

You have maybe given too much HP for the Jedi ECs.

Would still make great EP 🙂

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True I’m very bad  with grammar and I do apologise with it stuff looks right even when it isn’t 


Also I was gonna low Jedi Ec HP due to forgetting that   jedi aren’t as powerful as when I full time it  

I do not normally reply to my stuff but I feel I should put it out there 

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- You have a great understanding of the responsibilities and can be trusted with the power an EP recieves

- Good detail put into your application

- Only downside is the amount of EC's you need but it wouldnt be set in stone, just might find it difficult to collect that many

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Well Trusted
Sexy Man

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"..and so he left, with everything but his humanity."

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-Story isn't very unique, saving admirals gets a bit boring after doing it so many times. 

-Didn't include the correct answer in the "Anything else?" section. 

-Rex is a very nice dude and very respectful.

-SCO so holds a trusted IC rank and from what I hear from his regiment he is a great Commander.

-Have had no issues with him IC or OOC. 


Good luck!


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On 9/6/2022 at 10:03 PM, Rex [W-G] said:

Anything else?: Good Luck to every one who going for WG Event planner job 🙂

Good application, but you did call being an event planner a job, which is unhealthy



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Event Management have decided you are a good fit for event staff, however there are currently no available spots open.
When a spot opens, and if we see fit, your application will be accepted.

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Thread Locked.

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