Propblocker/Micspammer/Spawncamper - dorry iris

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Your In-Game name: Daffa

Offender's In-Game name/s: dorry iris

Steam ID of the offender/s: STEAM_0:0:649274969

Why should the offender/offenders be banned?:
Between 18:00-19:00pm (PST)

Dorry was mic spamming music and meme sounds, followed me to my home that I was trying to build and continued to harass me, along with pick locking & prop blocking my door, all with a building sign out front. 
I respawned with job changing to escape his torment and he just kept following and shooting me, he was spawn camping me but I killed him to get past, I just left the server after that, as it was pretty late and there were maybe 7 people on at the time.






Anything else to add:

He seemed to just be there to annoy people with no intention of roleplay.

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