Unfair warning while playing Tusken

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Your in game name: Scytale

The accused staff member's in game name, Steam profile link or Steam ID: Toon (Cant find his SteamID as he left the server pretty much instantly after handing out the warnings)

What they had done: Me and another guy were playing Tusken Raiders. We climbed the mountains and started shooting down at the bunks as there were a lot of people there. We killed one clone each and then run away as the clones have a tank shooting at us. Toon then comes in and explains to us what we did wrong and gives us a warning.  

The rule for Tuskens states that there needs to be two to do an ambush.  As im not too familiar with Gmod RP I was unaware that for it to be an actual ambush I had to write "/advert [RP] Sets up an vantage spot for an ambush above bunks" or something amongst those line. I was only made aware of this in Toon's explanation. Had I known this before hand I would have done the required steps before engaging on the clones and prevented getting warned. I believe for that reason this warn is unfair. 

3.2.1 As tusken raiders you are able to ambush republic forces, this requires 2 of you to be able to do it. Doing by yourself will be eligible to a RDM warn or worse a ban.
This is the only rule for Tuskens. It feels rather lackluster and doesn't explain what the rules to an ambush are. 

This is just a mistake on my part and I don't want it to stain my reputation further with an RDM warning because of a single slip up like this. Because like I said previously, had I known how to properly set up an ambush I would have. I really hope SMT will take this into consideration and let me get away with a verbal warning rather than a written warning.


Evidence : N/A - i don't record my game play unfortunately. 

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Alright, while I am able to deny this I'll allow Key to decide (The Server Vice Manager) and give my explanation. I explained that you didn't ambush anyone, you simply went onto the mountain and killed two people, I don't see how you yourself didn't see that that wasn't an ambush and was simply an attack on the main base.

It's also worth noting the first thing you said to me when i asked what you were doing was 'If you read the rules' that to me shows that you knew you were doing something that could get you told off and you did it anyways.

Finally, nothing has to be specifically stated in the rules, if the staff member in question (Me) decides it's a breach of the rules they are within their right to warn you.





Credit to Loki for this.



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Ambushes have been used outside of MB only since Tusken was added as a job to the server, and tuskens shooting into the MB has also been not allowed for almost as long as the job also, both are unwritten rules as they are more common sense than anything due to the Cycler Rifle being hard hitting.

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