CWRP Civilian crafting suggestion

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What your suggestion is: Adding a gunsmith vendor

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: With the latest update to the server credits have become more useful & sought after, also harder to earn in bulk amounts, in saying this the crafting system for civilian jobs is an aspect that is overlooked by pretty much everyone I'd say. The time, effort and the resources spent on crafting the items currently available simply isn't rewarding enough to warrant spending those things in the first place. Raiding the republic base for the 'sources to craft a single pistol or rifle that in all honesty is outshone by most of the weapons a scav could rob from clones, something that could be done in the time spent looting republic caches I might add, and so the addition of a new gunsmith vendor would incite more use of the crafting system as it would make the effort of creating these weapons "pay" off.

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Suggestions have moved!

Please go to "server-suggestions" in the CWRP Discord Server, Create a new post and use the Template!

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We now use suggestions on our discord instead.

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