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What your suggestion is: Prone

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Any additional information: Since the dawn of time itself people have suggested prone mods for WG SWRP, I'd like to continue the trend and hopefully put an nice ending to the story arc. Prone adds another layer of combat and movement for all players, event characters and clones alike. It would open a few more combat capabilities and in general would be a nice thing to have with very little cons to bring it down. The only con I can think of currently is it's application to Jedi and how it could affect their movement however whether or not this would be an easy fix for our devs isn't for me to say, I will say this though, if Jedi are indeed the reason for this not being added...... REMOVE JEDI (((:

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Suggestions have moved!

Please go to "server-suggestions" in the CWRP Discord Server, Create a new post and use the Template!

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We now use suggestions on our discord instead.

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