Un-warn request

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My In-Game name: joe joes


Steam Name: carnage

What is the reason for your warn: rdm

How long were you banned for: n/a

Name of the staff member who banned you: Zab

Why do I believe that I should be un-warned: I do in fact believe what I did was wrong, however the victim of the scenario who I killed called me some not so nice things and I got really angry. After the small debrief he did, I shot him in the head. Now, I was under the impression that he not only consented to the killing as he turned around and said "make it painless," but I also did not understand the differences between the golden rule and rdm. Now, I was in a vile state and obviously didn't understand my actions would result in a warn, as I thought RDM meant random killing but apparently not on this server. 

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What you did is RDM as you stated yourself you didnt know better but not knowing about the rule and comminting the rule breaking still means you get warned. The warn is very valid use this to learn from it.

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