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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: rondall -

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan / Jedi Padawan Ngannou): 442nd PFC Rondall 

Teamspeak Name: Rondall

Playtime on the Server: 6mo 2w 2d 23h 22m

SteamID ( STEAM_0:1:157963052

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: I have been staff on wg swrp up to admin rank and got the service medal (1 year as staff) aswell as being senior event planner and being granted the elite ep award.

Current Age: 19

Warns/Bans: 3 warns 0 bans

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes

Event Plan:

Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template): 

Map: Coruscant Below

Enemies, HP, Amount: 

Event planner (me), 3500, 1 ( Civilian leader Erebus )

Cartel Boss, 2750, 2 ( Civilian Boss [name] )

Cartel Scout, 1750, 2 ( Civilian Scout [name] )

Cartel Executioner, 1900, 2 ( Civilian Executioner [name] )

Cartel Guard, 1800, 2 ( Civilian Guard [name] )

Cartel Soldier, 1750, 2 ( Civilian Soldier [name] )

Saber user, 17k-20k, 2-3 ( Saber droid [name] )

Republic's Execution: Battalion informs the troops & jedi that they've been assigned by high command to the mid rim planet of "Chisti Secundus" to conduct a recompliance campaign on the capital city's population as the local defence forces were overwhelmed by civilians still loyal to the CIS. The battalion have been ordered to approach the civilian separatist leaders peacefully and attempt to have them turn themselves in however if they turn hostile the battalion have been granted to sweep the streets and eliminate any threats. The jedi will be instructed to fight alongside the clones as the hostile saber users are supposed to just be droids not capable of their own thought

Event Character Execution: A pre made dupe of barricades will be generated to make a linear path for all players to progress through as the event goes on. The EC's will be dropped at the republic base entrance first and instructed to be passive until ordered to engage. The event planner (me) will be present with the other civilians to speak to the battalion when they attempt negotiations, the civilians will be uncooperative and will be the first to begin firing then fighting commences as normal, the event planner hosting the negotiations (me) will use a jumppack to leap away and into no clip to oversee the rest of the event, EC's will be instructed to man barricades, turrets & vehicles when they are made available and should not be pushing the clones back  by a lot. Spawns will be set far enough ahead of the clones pushing as to not give EC's the unfair advantage of spawn protection. EC's equipment may also be bolstered at times depending on the republics own strength e.g explosives and mines. Once the EC's reach the end of the dupe last life will be called and the spawns set to a "end of the event room" the event planner that hosted the negotiations (me) will appear once again with basic weapons and 3500 hp to fight with the remaining EC's until they've all been killed ep included after which the event will have officially ended and EC's instructed to change back to normal jobs & names.


Event Information: The Chisti sector has 3 planets that were originally aligned with the CIS but were brought into republic compliance in the early months of the war. Chisti Pimus and Tritius (1st & 3rd planets) had successfully turned their population to align with the republic however Chisti Secundus' civilian population continued to open support the CIS and conducted many small scale terrorist attacks on republic property on their planet. Eventually the small separatist cells on the planet unified and mounted a large scale rebellion against the planetary authorities, successfully capturing the main streets and infrastructure of the capital city but being unable to successfully breach the planetary governments main  building to hold them hostage. The governor of the Chisti sector send a request for aid to the republic and the republic responded with a combat patrol sized fleet of clone ships  to bring the rebelling planet back into republic compliance.

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: Yes many

What was your event and was it successfully executed?: Every event type, all successful. Not capping

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?: The responsibility of an event planner is to provide well planned and well balanced events for all players, event characters and clones/jedi alike. An event planner is expected to understand the lore enough to not break the roleplaying aswell as to have the ability to adapt their event should things not go as planned. An event planner must have thought out every event they set out to do to know how they want it to go and how they will go about making sure the event plan gets followed e.g.  EC spawns, EC equipment/vehicles, barricade dupes. Event planners should be vocal to all who have a role to play in their event whether it be a fellow event planner who is co hosting, the leading battalion, or their event characters, the event planner must be fully aware of the event and its players to properly maintain it. 

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: I understand

Anything else?: "W-G E-Planner"

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