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My In-Game name: 327th ARC LT COL Victor


Steam Name: hummer1404

What is the reason for your warn: "Accidental prop MRDM"

Name of the staff member who banned you: lewis if i  recall.

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: well it all started when i was building in anaxes TR1 where near me were CE who also claimed part of TR1 for a training, I spawned a giant plate that flew into the CE and killed about 4-6 people, it wasn't intentional as when i spawned it the plate was half inside the wall and the other half was outside so it got pushed to the right side where the CEs were killing 4-6 people in it,I had no control as it happend so fast that i didn't even let go of my Q menu, this was the first time were such thing happend to me as i sometimes build floors for breaching including the giant plate and in no case that the plate even flew away  but i could have sworen that i was looking at the middle of the area i claimed but yet it still got into the wall,  i didn't even have the time to freeze it as what i said it flew fast, luckly the CE finished the training so i didn't ruin their training, as i said it was unintentional and i would never risk getting banned, warned or demoted from my rank (i was a LT or a CPT at the time) by killing someplayers with a prop and i will try to not make the same mistake in the future.


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+1 Think I was one of the CE there if i remember correctly, this was completely accidental and stuff like this does happen from time to time with how the mechanics work in GMOD probably should get removed


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-1 Even though it was accidental, you still completely wiped out the whole of CE. You need to be cautious of the size of props when you spawn it in and actually think if it is a smart idea to spawn it in. You killed the whole of CE while they were doing a training so I think a Warn is the least I could have punished you for.

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I was there together with lewis. And i agree with what he said.

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Changed my mind on this one it was literally an accident +1 

The CE literally had to walk upstairs after dying or be brought by staff not saying its excusable. Just saying that it was an accident

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It was a accident, people have accidents all the time 




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It is in its nature to be set as a reminder of what you have done in the past, the warn that is. So I see no reason as to why it shouldn't be removed.

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