CE JacK Battalion Application

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Steam Name: BambinoItaliano


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:452129724




Current OOC rank on the server and / or in other communities (e.g. Plat VIP, Mod, Event Planner): Platinum Vip




Age (Must be 14+): 15




What is your playtime (2+ Weeks Minimum): 2wks 1hr




Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes I do




Have you read through the Battalion Handbook, and extending documents from it: Yes i have




Do you meet the requirements: Yes




State all previous OOC punishment (Kicks, Bans and Warnings | Including Discord / Team Speak) and provide a screenshot of your list of warnings (Go in-game and do !warns) then provide a screenshot:


 This warn was given to me after I misread the rules and I fired into MB as a tusken raider since then read the rules again and made sure I was 100% correct



In Character Section (IC) -



In-Game name (Regiment, Rank then your name): CE PFT LTCOL JacK


Highest rank obtained (Including previous): LTCOL


Have you ever been demoted or striked in any regiment (If so explain the reason): i have not i have been quite active



What is the Battalion Motto: “Lead your men to death. Honour is better than surrender”



Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion (100 words minimum):

Battalion's roles and responsibilities is to ensure that everything is running smoothly in the worst of situations and in the calmest. In battles they should lead the troops into victory and direct them, As well as granting or denying requests via the republic chat, making big decisions and ordering clones with the voice amp tool. Also assisting your fellow battalion with co-leading to help make these decisions. When outside of battle they should test regiments with open training which are not mandatory but anybody could join, Likewise officer+ get regiments to supervise these training can assist clones with their skills with most fields ensuring they are fit and ready for the next battle. Trainings consist of any such as Mandos to TDM’s. Also battalion members will be tasked with supervising a regiment to help them in any way they can.


Why should we pick you for Battalion (200 words minimum):

I think I am suitable for Battalion with my constant improving within my regiment on my leading and ordering skills I have lead many battles within my regiment with criticism which I took onboard for the next, I believe this is required for battalion as constant improvement from constructive criticism is good and eventually makes the perfect leader I would also ensure that nobody in the regiment was left out during the time providing them with turrets or transport duty. I also believe that on the server I am approachable and easy to talk to and no hatred towards anybody.

I also believe that I am unbiased which is a needed skill for a battalion as this ensures I can command each regiment individually and lead them to the correct and needed area. As well as being in Jedi I was good at following orders from my higher ups and ensuring I followed every rule and command this I do believe is needed to set a good example on the clones that I would lead. I also believe that my self-discipline is a good trait to have as a battalion member that can assist with my knowledge and understanding of what battalion would like out of me.  


Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank? Yes, I do



What do Battalion do during combat, when they are not leading (In detail):

Battalion will assist with the regiment they are supervising to assist them in any way possible but, they should not order their regiment around during an event e.g. go off leading battalions in order to search a building or group to lead a charge when told not to. As this would make things frustrating and annoying for the regiment. Although if not with your regiment you should be Front/Mid Lines to help in any way. But do not lead other clones to a charge



What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted?

- Host an open training

- Lead a base attack with voice amp

- Lead a planetary attack and a debrief



What rank can Battalion Brigadier Promote and Demote up too: Captain is the highest rank a Brigadier can promote and demote.



Anything else?: n/a


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Speak to a member of Battalion Command to introduce you

Current Rank(s):

Rear Admiral

Previous Ranks:

Head of Battalion, 501st Executive Officer, Senior Medic, 74th Advanced Medical Officer, Doom's Unit Captain, Jedi Senior Consular


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