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Been a while since we've all had any real news on v7

I think its safe to say that there will be no more SCP RP unless you stay inside all day which by all means go play the civil gamers shithole server.

We have all been lied to by Harland, V7 is not going to come, there is no point in waiting any longer, it is all for nothing. The thousands of £s used to buy VIP and all the other shite was wasted. The tens of thousands of collective hours spent on the server have been wasted. We have all been betrayed and there is no hope in the darkness. 

SCP is a dying fandom on top of this so the chance of V7 releasing are getting slimmer by the day as there is little financial incentive to publish the server when the only people who will play are the old players who have already broken out mommy's credit car (like i did) to buy themselves vip. 

There is no reason to wait, no reason to hope, at the end of it all we will be left in the dark while Harland rakes in cash from his P2W rust servers with all the 7 year olds running to give Harland their parents credit card details. As I am writing this I am currently banned from all werwolfgaming Gmod servers on my main account, so for being banned for minging without any proper reasoning from staff I can assume I was assassinated for the now husk of sneed.

So enjoy the yearly updates of how V7 is coming along (The map hasn't developed since the beginning when V7 got announced) while Harland continues rejects the communities that built his brand in the first place. Enjoy all those that still remain in the shambles of WG where the only active servers are the star wars ones (which aren't terrible) and the Nazi larp server for Harland to steal from the edgiest of social rejects. 

See you all in the next life.

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