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Unban request

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My In-Game name: MrPuffy 

STEAMID: 76561198089069131

Steam Name:Cum Monke

What is the reason for your ban:Attempting to harm someone with epilepsy

How long were you banned for:Perm

Name of the staff member who banned you:Zori

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Because i have realised the severity of the situation that i was in, and have realised what i was doing was incredibly wrong of my and never have should have done it in the first place and i feel like i have matured enough to be welcomed back into the community.

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i mean its not like my opinion matters or anything but like theres stupid as in minging on the server, then theres stupid as in trying to actually harm someone when you know they have a medical condition and would be prone to some kind of actual reaction that could seriously affect their health under specific circumstances, and then simulating those circumstances. judging by your name and how your appeal reads i assume you're still a teen, so yeah yeah i mean maybe you didnt see your actions would have consequences and have come to regret it but like its kinda fucked up and shows clear disregard for other people. i dont think by any means you'd try shit like this again, but i mean from the length of the appeal and apparent lack of remorse for it i doubt you really cared about what you did, and probably thought you'd waited long enough to be unbanned anyway.


anyway -1, you sound like a dick



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I can't lie, what you did was pretty inconsiderate and stupid which could of caused some serious harm but its also very easy to assume that you knew what you were doing, knew the person actually had epilepsy and even knew what epilepsy was. I think it would be wise of you if you were to explain the situation to allow people to understand what actually happened otherwise people will just assume it was malicious like Panzer.

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I was arresting a guy and was minging around slapping him with a think was a stun stick which flashes ur screen white every time u hit a person while slapping him he was screaming stop and i didnt but like 30sec later hes screaming stop i have epilepsy (but i didnt know what epilepsy was so i didnt stop and at the time i didnt know the severity of was i was doing to him)  and he called a ticket and zori banned me for attempting to harm someone with epilepsy 

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Neutral -1

Your ban was long ago and you have had time to think about what you did, I don't know what age you was during this situation but epilepsy isn't a rare medical condition and it is very well known and he was screaming begging you to stop hitting him, you kept hitting him and as you say over 30s with a stun stick which is a rather long time. I see your point of you having time to mature over this period but it's a very harsh thing you did, I hope you will never do it again "if" you get unbanned and if you get unbanned it should be on a 1 warn basis. 

In my opinion I would say try to write a more detailed unbanned request and explain everything more detailed especially on "Why do I believe that I should be unbanned". If you do it good then I could consider giving you a +1 but for now I will not give it to you. 


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I agree with yorche here it is a very serious thing and can't just be forgiven like that. But i do believe in second chances. So if you get unbanned i think you should be on a 1 warn basis. 


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