Ryans unban request (2023)

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My In-Game name: Ryan/Gate



Steam Name: Gate

What is the reason for your ban: doxxing

How long were you banned for: perma

Name of the staff member who banned you:  Blaster

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: i was perma banned about maybe two and a half years ago now for doxxing in which to this day i will defend that it wasn't intentional as at the time i didnt know what i did was classed at doxxing (aka sending in a photo to the DC) even tho it wasn't intentional im sorry for the dox, I think that with given the years ive been banned i should be given one more chance with a minimal warning rule which means if i go past 5 or so warnings in a short while i can be banned again just to try prove im  not just trying to get myself unbanned to ttp again and ruin peoples fun on the server, After i was banned i was also community banned and i have no idea how to appeal that so i thought id just do it in the clone wars on as its the main server i want to play again as i heard its changed sm since i last played. I really hope my request gets took into consideration as i really want to play the server again as it was probably the most fun iv'e had on gmod ever and it would be good to start up again if given the chance.

Evidence:  none

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Doxxing is a serious offense, but the ban was a very long time ago so I belive you could get a second chance, but it should be on a 1 warn basis. 


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Im of the same opinion as Wanted, if the person who banned you is okay with giving you another chance, and with it being so long ago, you should be given that chance.

Its a one strike basis though, so try not to fuck up.

Dm me on discord and ill sort it out UncleBarry#6241


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