Ginger's Staff Application

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In-game name(s): Ginger


Steam Name: BigGinger


Steam ID: ( STEAM_0:1:121415491


Age when applying: 20


What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone: England (Time zone: GMT)


Can you speak and type English fluently: Yes to both


Current total game-time on the server (type !time): 1mo 2w 3d 38m


IC Rank(s) and OOC Donation Rank(s) on CWRP: Battalion LT Colonel, Platinum VIP


Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak: I do have a microphone. I switch between typing and speaking depending on the background noise


When did you join the server? Have you taken any breaks since:  12/02/2022 was the date I joined the CWRP server as it was my training day. I did take a break for a couple of months after my resignation on the  02/07/2022. But that's it.


How often do you use our TeamSpeak 3 server, CWRP Discord and our forums: I use TS and Discord very often, practically daily. The forums I don't talk a lot in them


State all your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks etc.) and a screenshot of your list of warns. (Go in game and type !warns.) Upload it to or as a steam community screenshot and include the link). Your game time must be visible as well in the screenshot. (Type !time then open warns menu, and drag the menu so chat is visible with the time):

I have no history of OOC bans, kicks or anything similar.


State the role of staff on the server: The role of staff is to enforce the in game, discord and TeamSpeak rules and to sort out any other OOC issues, like assisting in the construction of trainings (setting spawns for simulation jobs, giving weapons, setting HP) and ensuring new players get trained and whitelisted.

Have you read the server rules and are you familiar with them? I am familiar with the server rules.


List of all previous server staff experience: I have no previous server staff experience.


Do you understand that you can be demoted at anytime with a sufficient reason by a Hierarchy member?: I understand

Explain how you would handle these scenarios as a staff member:


1 ) You are told by a Player that somebody is randomly killing other clones: Ask for a name then noclip to the player in question, investigate and if the player is RDMing clones, freeze the player so he stops, then warn him for RDM. Then Unfreeze him so he can be sent so he can be dealt with by Clone Guard and serve his brig time.


2 ) You are asked by a Cadet to be trained using the @ function: Either inform a Battalion Player to send a trainer or say in OOC chat that cadets need training. If the cadet still asks for training and nobody is responding, I'd go up to a random NCO that is free and say cadets need training, making sure they go there.


3 ) During a debrief, a CT accidently shoots someone, whilst trying to safety their weapon: I'd pull the CT aside and let him tell his side of the story. I'd give him a verbal warning to be more careful then send him back to quietly re-join the debrief.


4 ) A CT #### doesn't salute you, despite you being a rank higher than 2nd LT: This isn't anything that goes against Game rules, so I would do nothing .


5 ) Someone commits FailRP, but claims that the specific instance of FailRP is not explicitly stated within the server rules: I'd calmly explain that not all examples of FailRP are listed in the given rules and that it boils down to common sense. If I believe this certain instance of FailRP is disruptive enough to warrant certain punishments like a warn or kick, I'd do so. If I was unsure, I'd consult other staff members for advice.


6 ) You bring a player into a sit and punish them accordingly, however they do not agree with your punishment and keep on arguing: I'd hear out why they believe this punishment isn't warranted, but if I feel like they're just arguing for the sake of it, or their reason isn't good enough, I'd explain why they've been punished calmly and in a respectful manner.


Explain in length and detail as to why you deserve staff more than other applicants. Explain what you will bring to the staff team and your strongest assets as a person/potential staff member (250+ words): 

Let me start off by saying I am completely aware that other applicants may have more experience than I do, especially when it comes to server time. But I believe what I've achieved speaks for how I've managed to change original opinions about me. Because of this, I consider myself a very well respected member of the community who can thrive in Staff if given the opportunity.

I'd consider my greatest attributes are my adaptability and down to earth way of speaking with others, but be rest assured that just because I'm "down to earth" does not mean I'm incapable of enforcing the rules of the server and being serious when needed.

I'd also like to point out my IC roles being a clear indication of how I handle roles that require a lot of responsibility. Being a member of Battalion, I've got a lot of power over how things work in the server, not much, but I'd say it's enough to let it be known that from my knowledge, I've had no complaints on how I handle myself in the role.

If I were to be given staff, I'd always give my one hundred percent to ensure the server is the best it can possibly be, with the disturbances of those who cannot follow the rules kept the a minimum and ensuring everything is very much running like the well oiled machine it can be.

While I may not have much knowledge of commands or ULX, I can assure whoever my mentor should be if I get the role that I will take as many notes as I can to learn, continue to practice and prove just how adaptable to new roles I can be.

Thanks to all those who read this application!

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Great lad to speak to

Good App


-1 for being ginger!

Current Ranks.

Jedi Healer- 212th 2nd LT- Reserve Medic
Past Ranks.

CG 2nd LT - CT 4123 - 41st 2nd LT - GM CPT - 501st COL -  CG DD 104th LT COL - GM LT
2x Regimental Medic CE Major - DU SGT442nd 2nd LT Jedi Snr Guardian- Battalion 2nd LT- GM Supervisor

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ginger is a great guy to talk 

has an easy time understanding people
High IC rank
even tho is doesn't have as much playtime as other people he still manged to reach high ranks in that time

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Nice to chat with


High ranking IC 


Current Rank: 212th PVT

Past Ranks

CG EXO x2, 501st EXO, OS Squad Leader

212th MJR, GC MJR, CE MJR x2, 2nd Airborne Division LT, 5th Fleet Member, 91st SGT

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