DuckZ 2nd batt app(last one got deleted by somebody on accident)

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Out of Character Section (OOC) -


Steam Name: William

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60784791



Current OOC rank on the server and / or in other communities (e.g. Plat VIP, Mod, Event Planner):
Plat VIP


Age (Must be 14+): 17, hitting 18 on the 28th of january 🙂



What is your playtime (2+ Weeks Minimum):
2mo 2w 2d 20h 33m.


Do you have a microphone, is it good quality:
Yes, can sometimes be a little quiet


Have you read through the Battalion Handbook, and extending documents from it:
Yes, I have also reread it because this is my 2nd application



Do you meet the requirements:


State all previous OOC punishment (Kicks, Bans and Warnings | Including Discord / Team Speak) and provide a screenshot of your list of warnings (Go in-game and do !warns) then provide a screenshot:

These are around 4-2 year old warns


In Character Section (IC) -


In-Game name (Regiment, Rank then your name): EDIT: 104th, COL and DuckZ

Highest rank obtained (Including previous): EDIT: 501st trail exo(COL), CT trail exo(COL), MJR CG, and some others, but I have honesty forgotten as it is 3-4 years ago now, and I can't find screenshots and videos for longer than around 2 years back

Have you ever been demoted or striked in any regiment (If so explain the reason): Plenty of times, used to minge a hole lot, but hasen't since my return after a break. EDIT: I don't minge anymore, it's around 2-3 years ago(as I had a 9 month long break before I came back and joined 104th), when I used to minge


What is the Battalion Motto:
"Lead your men to death. Honour is better than surrender"

Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion (100 words minimum):
Battalion is supposed to be able to lead and assist troops in events for example. They get assigned a regiment that they also have a responsibility for that regiment, which are, to do trainings and help the regiment whenever they need help. They are also supposed to able to set a good example for the rest of the clones, and act as role models for other clones. Whenever not in combat, they are supposed to go around base and get their mins in and make sure nobody is breaking the rules. They are supposed to help around the base aswell and grant or deny people whenever they need something.  

Why should we pick you for Battalion (200 words minimum):
I have been on the server for a long time(around 4 years now), I have had some breaks but also came back. I have a lot of experience and have been in every regiment(just old versions of them), other than battalion og RC. So which ever regiment I would get assigned to, I already know much about them, so it wouldn't be much of a problem, which ever regiment I would get. I also have lots of leading and combat experience from 104th. 104th is a flanking and scounting regiment which means people are all over the place, which have given me experience in micromanaging, which is very helpful for battalion to be able to do, whenever they are leading. Many regiments also have different jobs in events, and as I have experience in all(most), I will be able to probably be able to lead them indivially very effectively. I have also learnt from my time in 104th and on my break when to be serious, and when don't need to. I would say so myself that I am mature enough to be able to fulfill the responsibilities of being a battalion, and have longed for it, almost since I started.

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank?
Yes, I understand that.

What do Battalion do during combat, when they are not leading (In detail):
When the battalion is not leading an event, they are supposed to help and assist their assigned regiment in combat, and help with giving out orders to troops. They have a big selection of weapons, so they are also supposed to help but stay more in the backline, and try not to get themselves killed.

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted?
Host an open sim effectively, lead an event succesfully using voice amp, and after do a debrief aswell effectively. 

What rank can Battalion Brigadier Promote and Demote up too:
Up to CPT and below that.

Anything else?:
thank you for reading my battalion application

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Put in all my previous ranks more throughout
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  • Neutral
    Good Ranks Trail EXO
  • 2nd Application which shows Determination 
  • Good App
  • (edit) Warns are Concerning and Minge bit is quite Concerning. Like what Trip said.
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Im idoit

Current Ranks.

Jedi Healer- 212th 2nd LT- Reserve Medic
Past Ranks.

CG 2nd LT - CT 4123 - 41st 2nd LT - GM CPT - 501st COL -  CG DD 104th LT COL - GM LT
2x Regimental Medic CE Major - DU SGT442nd 2nd LT Jedi Snr Guardian- Battalion 2nd LT- GM Supervisor

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Whenever we have talked you are nice a respectful
Overall good App

To the question Have you ever been demoted or striked in any regiment  You answer “Plenty of times, used to minge a whole lot” Now obviously it’s kinda bad that you have minged a whole lot. But you are honest about it.

I see some things missing if you would like to know what. DM me on discord after the fate of your app has been decided.

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Speak to a member of Battalion Command to introduce you.

Current Rank(s):

Rear Admiral

Previous Ranks:

Head of Battalion, 501st Executive Officer, Senior Medic, 74th Advanced Medical Officer, Doom's Unit Captain, Jedi Senior Consular


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