Fail rp and some weird NH2RP stuff

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My In-Game name: CT(forgot the numbers) Rand


Steam Name:Trapid

What is the reason for your ban: MH2RP, Mic spam and fail RP

How long were you banned for: 5 days

Name of the staff member who banned you: CE COMMANDER HENK

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:

Ok so I was warned for mic spam before this and I believe that the warn was perfectly justified but that isn't why I was also banned for Fail RP along with Mh2rp.(I would like to know what that is to please)The reason I was also banned for those things was dealing drugs. I didn't know that this was against the server rules and figured that I could make a fun Roleplaying experience for everyone involved if I started a drug empire. I did this by using the plasma in the batteries next to the ship dealers and getting people to drink it. I also named the drug MAGMA.

Please unban me so that I may play again as I will now have a better understanding of the rules and will make a point to ask before I start doing some kind of role playing experience that doesn't breach the servers rules.
Evidence: My word and the Nco's of CT can confirm what I have said


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As the staff member who banned you i will tell my side of the story.

I was in MHB and you were playing soundboards in game. After i warned you for micspam you were trying to deal drugs as a clone and i gave you a verbal warning to not do it again. Once i walked away i went in to spectator mode and spectated you. You tried to sell drugs to an 104th and this is the moment i teleported you and told you that you were gonna get banned for NH2RP, because you clearly showed me that you did not have the intention to RP on the server. Considering that all of this happend in half an hour i added everything you had done and banned you for 5 days. 

I would recommend you read the rules while you are banned so once you are unbanned you know what you are allowed to do and what is not allowed. 
(Link to rules:


- Henk

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