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Panzer (& Geovani's) Unwarn Request

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My In-Game name: Panzer | Geovani

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:157240601 | STEAM_0:1:75418044

Steam Name: The Wolf Of Law Street | Geovani™

What is the reason for your warn: RDM

Name of the staff member who banned you: Meleditis1 | STEAM_0:0:561497112

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: Firstly, i'll just quickly say, a lot of this will be crossover from the now defunct Abuse thread that was created, so, for the most part, there is little point in re-reading this if you have read that, although i will make this a little more condensed.


Mel held an event/PME (not too sure which it was), in which there were no actual player Event Characters. In order to make up for this, Mel used exclusively the AI/NPC event characters, which, as im sure you all will know, spawn in groups, and are quite close together when they spawn.


Now, these AI/NPCs do not show up in Blogs! Meaning that, in cases of crossfire, and other accidental hits/kills, they are taken instantly out of context, which is, admittedly, not at the fault of the member of staff warning us.


However, at the end of the event, where, at least in Geovani and I's case, there was moments where we hit each other during the event, 41st were called to bunks, in Republic comms, by 104th Senior Commander REX. This places us into an In Character situation. We head to bunks, where REX (Despite being a co-host for Mel's event), says that he had received word that 41st had been shooting each other during that event. At this point in time, REX has a sarcastic tone, and we are mimicking it - there were no signs that this was serious at all. This can then be further shown by the fact Geovani said something along the lines of he was performing maintenance on his gun, and in doing so, looked down the barrel of his rifle and accidently shot himself - this was responded to with laughter by both me and REX in the situation.


Then, while REX was talking to us, he says, very briefly, something close to "oh and you guys might be getting warned". Remember, this was during an In-Character situation, and then this pops out while we're all having a laugh. Cameron, who was also there (Although i am not including him in this Unwarn request as i feel it would be better suited if he did one himself, as i do not fully know what happened from his side), then began to kick up a fuss about it, due to his recent unban. I then responded to him saying "Cameron, he's taking the piss". This was due to how fast it was said, the fact it was during an In-Character conversation/situation, and the sarcastic tone taken throughout the entire conversation. 


However, despite me saying "Cameron, he's taking the piss", we were never told otherwise. Instead, the conversation fully fell silent, with no words exchanged. We were never told "No, this is serious, you are being warned - this is a sit.", by either REX, who was there, or Mel, who ultimately gave the warns, and i assume was there in no-clip. Then, the warns were given, and literal seconds after, the server restarted, due to issues that it had been having earlier in the day, in an attempt to try and fix them.


We were never taken to a sit, never explained when/why we were being warned by a member of staff (I use this term to also include event staff), and more importantly, we were never given the chance to give our side of the story, which in and of itsself is important, but especially when logs dont reflect the fact we were shooting at AI/NPCs, so it looks like clear cut RDM, without any context.


All in all, yes, the logs show that Geovani and I shot each other, which yes, will have happened as part of the event, where that is common, however, it doesn't show the fact that it was accidental, which could have been clarified in a sit, and i believe that if this was allowed to have been clarified and properly explained, would have resulted in a Verbal warning, instead of a full on warning. This is a belief that I, Geovani, Cameron, as well as other people who i mentioned in the old abuse thread agree on, which is why we believe that the warn should be removed. I do admit the abuse thread was over the top, as Mel did not actually intentionally do anything he did not believe to be right at the time, i just think the whole situation is a bit of a mess, however i do believe the warn is unjust. So, apologies Mel, i was just a bit frustrated by it all, but i know you didn't do it out of malice.


Here i speak for only me, as it does not apply to Geovani. I have been part of this community for nearly 4 years now, and during all that time, across all WG servers, i have never received a warn, kick or ban. I have no reason to want to change that in any way, especially when i am returning to the server, and aim to gain ranks once again, as well as holding the prospect of giving back to the server, once again, through OOC positions.


N/A - I cannot provide photos of Blogs at the time, or anything else, however i do believe the fact that AI/NPCs do not show up in Blogs, and therefore logs practically show nothing but player hits, should be enough in this context.

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Overall a weird situation and the admin abuse post was denied and I believe these individuals should be unwarned due to the fact of neutrality. 

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contact a Superadmin in game to remove your warn

for the past week EPs have been taught how to deal with situations similar to this from staff members so that this does not happen again 

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