Cameron's Unwarn Request

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My In-Game name: Cameron

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:454437166

Steam Name: Cameron

What is the reason for your warn: RDM

Name of the staff member who banned you: Meleditis1 | STEAM_0:0:561497112

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: This is in response to the denied admin abuse thread saying to make an unwarn request instead, firstly. I was never involved in the situation between Geovani and Panzer yet was dragged into it, even admitted by the person in question who dealt with us in character that I had nothing to do with it. And according to people involved in dealing with them two I was only mentioned once by Mel in regards to RDM and never again. I was then promptly dragged in with the situation between Geovani and Panzer where I had no chance to defend my self because; A: There was no sit Mel simply noclipped out of our bunks and never elaborated on any situation and B: This warn was made just before a map swap meaning I had no chance to even ask in OOC about the warn, I acknowledge that I could've went on TS to ask about the situation but I was too annoyed and according to Panzer, Panzer talked to Mel and Mel didn't say a word about the warn. Now, there was a log of me shooting Geovani and this is a fact but. This was an AI event meaning the only damage shown in logs is friendly fire meaning out of the context that I'm about to give you, Soljay in that logic should've been warned as he accidently fired a rocket killing multiple people. Now the context, we where pushing into the BB where there is multiple enemies littered around the area, I was sitting in the doorway jiggle peaking one of the AI to reduce the amount of damage given to me when Geo pushes through into my sight where I promptly shoot and accidently kill Geo due me jiggle peaking and shooting on my peek. After I killed Geo I promptly messaged him laughing and saying sorry for me shooting, Geo knew it was by accident and can back me for this. That's the entire situation, I was dragged into a situation that wasn't to do with me and was warned without any context and had no chance to give my side of the story

- Just to add to how oblivious I was to this situation when 41st where IC called into our bunks I believed I was in the belief that I was being promoted lmao.

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contact a Superadmin in game to remove your warn

for the past week EPs have been taught how to deal with situations similar to this from staff members so that this does not happen again 

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