Bloxy unban

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My In-Game name:Bloxy 


Steam Name:Flash50

What is the reason for your ban: MRDM+LTAP

How long were you banned for:1 week

Name of the staff member who banned you: Iron
Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Because when i was down stairs my brother came in and started MRDM

Evidence: He will say it he said it to sandy Iron and Flash

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I don't believe you


Sorry my dog sat on my keyboard and wrote that my bad!

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The evidence is awful 

The unban reason can be lied easily 

Also you didnt clarify why you LTAP

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This is incredibly hard to believe, one of those "my dog ate my homework" excuses. As Pinky said, you didn't clarify the reason for the LTAP or how Sandy, Iron or Flash will back you up.

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So what i heard is and im pretty sure iron and flash and fors can confrim this you said you went downstairs to get a drink and in the span of 10 seconds of being AFK he MRDMs and once that 10 seconds were over your back and switch to knight like nothing happened? 

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So as the staff who banned you for 10 days I will say what I got from the whole story which kept changing a little each time you told it.


So first I was called by one of the people you killed (think it was Dobby, other people who was killed as cadet were Camby, Henk and one more who I don't remember the name of) that he had been killed as cadet in cadet room so I checked the logs to see who it was and then checked the other cadets that was laying on the ground around in the cadet area and all of them had been killed by you (Bloxy) so I brought you to me to clarify why you killed them as the jedi ec (think it was force sensitive job you were on at that time) which you then told me it was your brother who did it while you were away grabing a drink


Then I went to check the logs again just to check where the cadet kill on Dobby happened which was in the cadet area and during that time Fors came to the sit also and he checked the chat logs which showed that you changed to name to your IG name and then killed the cadets and then switched to your jedi job all this was done within 10 seconds from the name change according to Fors, I did not check it myself since I trust Fors and don't know why he would lie about something like that. So then I believe Fors or Flash asked you what you were doing during those 10 seconds since they had not been there when you said you went to grab a drink and you answered that you went to the toilet to pee which is where I got a bit confuced since you said you went to grab a drink to me earlier so either you to the toilet and grabbed a drink within less then 10 seconds or your story is a lie. 


After you had been told about this Sandy asked to see if you and your brother could speak at the same time since we don't know if you have a brother or not and this you did prove but it still does not prove that it was your brother at the computer and then you were also informed by Flash about the EP/EC related things and in arrest report you have a past of breaking golden rule which you claim that you would not do as a jedi but I would see that as a describer of your character a little since you are clearly able to kill people without a valid reason and shortly after that you left the server and so I banned you for MRDM of 4 cadets and also LTAP with a duration of 10 days since your story was changing a little over time and did not hold up with logic you were probably lying to staff also.

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