Herold's 2nd Battalion application

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Out of Character Section (OOC) -


Steam Name: Herold

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:121911323



Current OOC rank on the server and / or in other communities (e.g. Plat VIP, Mod, Event Planner): Platinum VIP



Age (Must be 14+): 20



What is your playtime (2+ Weeks Minimum): 3w 3d 10h 42m



Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes



Have you read through the Battalion Handbook, and extending documents from it: Yes, thoroughly



Do you meet the requirements: Yes I do



State all previous OOC punishment (Kicks, Bans and Warnings | Including Discord / Team Speak) and provide a screenshot of your list of warnings (Go in-game and do !warns) then provide a screenshot: None



In Character Section (IC) -


In-Game name (Regiment, Rank then your name): CT Senior Medic Colonel Herold

Highest rank obtained (Including previous): Temporary Deputy Medical Officer, CT Temporary Executive Officer, 104th Sergeant, CT Senior Medic Colonel

Have you ever been demoted or striked in any regiment (If so explain the reason): No


What is the Battalion Motto: "Lead your men to death. Honour is better than surrender."


Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion (100 words minimum):

Battalion has the responsibility to be strict, professional and being someone people can look up to and respect. They have the role of being active, looking for what people say and assessing the information appropriately, granting/denying adverts, controlling every regiment in battle making sure they have their tasks and are not idling around and to manage the base when not in combat to make sure people are abiding by the rules and behave as they should. Battalion has to act reasonably, mature and think before they speak to give out orders accordingly and without fail. Battalion ensures there are no stalemates in combat using their knowledge to push their troops forward with passion and certainty. Also making sure that the troops have something to do and don't idle around when on Defcon 5, for example weapon/bunk inspections and patrols. Lastly members of Battalion should be friendly and respectful towards their soldiers and fellow brothers and answer any questions they might have towards any issues or problems.

Why should we pick you for Battalion (200 words minimum):

Since my last application I have shown increased activity and serious hard work showing that I am very serious and dedicated to joining the ranks of Battalion. I have since then reached the rank of Senior Medic and have also been trusted to become the Temporary Deputy Medical Officer, actively getting experience, as Medical Corps Command shares some of the responsibilities of Battalion. I have also further increased my leading skills whilst being a Colonel in CT, leading my troops confidently to victory. As stated in my last application I was also trusted to become the rank of Temporary Executive Officer, absolving my duties diligently and without fail. I would again like to mention that I strongly enjoy the professionalism and seriousness of Battalion and that I am eager to learn the responsibilities and roles of the Battalion and prove myself as a proud member. Being an active member, being mature, this being my second application showing dedication and not having issues with getting my points across or saying what needs to be said if the opportunity calls for it also makes me a good candidate. I understand the weight of your actions and words as a Battalion member are heavy and I am ready to take on full responsibility for them. Lastly I would like to mention that I encourage constructive feedback and take it very seriously to improve on the mistakes I make to contribute to me being a better leader and person in the unfought battles or situations that lie ahead.

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank? Yes I do


What do Battalion do during combat, when they are not leading (In detail):

At all times the Battalion member should be near or directly together with the regiment they are supervising, directly assisting them in combat with their skills. For example, if the Battalion member were to supervise the Clone Trooper regiment they would be expected to stay near the front lines to help out their regiment. It is important to note in this scenario that the Battalion member should never be the one leading the charge under any circumstance, only assist. If however the Battalion member is not supervising any of the front line regiments, they would need to stay further back towards the middle lines with the regiment they are supervising. The non leading Battalion member must obey the leading Battalion member and listen to their orders. They are not permitted to give out orders to their regiment and act like a fourth Hierarchy, orders are to be left to the commanding officer at the time. What the Battalion member can do however, is give out recommendations or suggestions on for example, where to move to in order to get into a better position to catch the enemy off guard or prepare for incoming attacks in a more cautious and prepared matter.

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted?

-Host an open training

-Lead a planetary attack with a successful briefing/debrief

-Lead a base attack with the usage of voice amplification

What rank can Battalion Brigadier Promote and Demote up to: Captain and below


Anything else?: Thank you for reading my second battalion application. Apologies for the strange lines, they were there when I pasted in the template and I do not know how to get rid of them. 

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As someone who knows Herold and has witnessed what he's achieved in his stay, I can say he is very dedicated to everything he does.
To begin with, he achieved the Colonel rank in CT faster than anybody I've ever seen in just over a month, this was because he was on every single day grinding out loggings and standardising professionalism within the regiment. Then when he became medic, the same again, in a month, he reached the highest rank of Senior Medic. The pattern of hard work is definitely visible for me  to see at least, and would make a competent battalion member given the chance.

Take this with a grain of salt, as I do know him, however the facts do indicate towards him being an excellent choice for Battalion.
Good luck mate

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Amazing guy, knows his shit and would be an amazing fit in battalion.

Got much playtime, many high past ranks, and no warns!

Should really deserve a chance.


Good luck!

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Highly Competent in what he does has reached a high rank in both Medic and CT, It will be a shame to see you go to battalion if and when you do get accepted.

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Massive +1

Honestly should have got it the first time he applied but I can understand why he didn't. 

Everyone already stated good reasons, I think the most impressive feat however is managing to gain an extra ONE WEEK AND 2 DAYS in game play time in just 2 weeks! Shows massive dedication! 

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-Good app

-Really nice guy and capable

-Hasen't been here as long as other members, but just as capable

-Good rep, hasen't heard any drama where he was involved

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- You have answered everything correctly and to a high standard. Strong Application.

- Extremely active

- Friendly and approachable to anyone.


A second application, you have answered the queries from the first one and I wish you good luck.

Senior Battalion

CWRP Moderator



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Speak to a member of Battalion Command to begin your interview.

Current Rank(s):

Rear Admiral

Previous Ranks:

Head of Battalion, 501st Executive Officer, Senior Medic, 74th Advanced Medical Officer, Doom's Unit Captain, Jedi Senior Consular


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