Warn from a long time ago X3

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My In-Game name:


Steam Name: 


What is the reason for your Warn:
Close Range Sniping

Name of the staff member who banned you:
AWarn2 Legacy System... I don't remember.

Why do I believe that I should be Unwarned:

Simple, the reason why the warn occurred was because I shot someone with tusken sniper at close range and got warned. I was never taught about rules of sniping before the incident and there is no rules displayed on the forum rules for close-range sniping. And I got warned about a rule, that I didn't know about at the time.

Evidence: N/A

There are no rules about close-range sniping rules displayed for people who play tusken on the forums.

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Very respectable man, I think he should be freed. 3up bane

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Warns are a track record of your time on the server. This is how staff can see what you have done in the past which we can use to make a decision on a possible breaking of the rules. So the only way to get a warn removed is if you have evidence against the warn. 

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As Henk stated, Warns are a tracking system of your time on the server. The only warns that can get removed are the ones which was given incorrectly. If you feel like some of your warns was incorrect then you should make another un-warn appeal and show clear evidence of a false warn to get it removed. 


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I literally just told you that I was warned for a rule that isn't stated in the rules for Tuskens unless you're in a republic sniper job, you aren't informed of the existence of this rule.


I'm saying you can't warn someone for a rule that they aren't even informed when playing that job.

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I remember when this happened and you kicking off about it then, and being told that the warn was valid and wasnt being removed.

Pleading ignorance isnt a valid defense, so the warn is staying.


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