unban/unwarn request

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My In-Game name: dunno

STEAMID: ( STEAM_0:1:18965426

Steam Name: Respawner

What is the reason for your ban: 30+ warns

How long were you banned for: perma

Name of the staff member who banned you: idk zab i think

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: because I was unbanned by rouge ages ago and was supposed to get warns removed but then was perma banned for 30+ warns 10 seconds after joining the server so i mean fair enough please unban

Evidence: idk

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Getting 30+ warns is just another level lmao 

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to be fair, getting 30 warns is just way too much. having so many warns just describes you as a minge.

if you did not want to be banned, you could have thought of not minging in the 1st place.

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Posted (edited)

most of my warns where from like 2019-2020. my ban also happened a good 2+ years ago aswell.

I also was banned prior for 30+ warns but as already mentioned I appealed it and it was accepted by rouge but the warns that were older than 3 years never had the chance to get removed

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+1 Its been 2 years I would think that's enough for a one strike basis, same case in Evils Unban Request just give him a one strike basis whats the worst he can do.

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I don't think the people -1 understand that multiple people have been unbanned for the same thing / worse within a year or just over. If they are given a chance so should this guy on a 1 warn basis. 

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Been over 2 years now and I think he deserves a second chance. Also from me speaking with him a few times on TS Respawner is pretty chill and a nice lad. 


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You were unbanned before on a 1 warn basis and decided to do George Floyd Roleplay.
 You have had your second chance.

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