B0B's Unban request

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My In-Game name: B0B 

STEAMID : STEAM_0:0:531933841

Steam Name: Lhoumas

What is the reason for your ban: Exploiting

How long were you banned for: 13min

Name of the staff member who banned you: Barry

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:

I know when you hear that I exploited you will instantly get the image of someone aimbotting, someone flying or being in a god mode. 

I however did something else. I ran a script that gives me my net messages to the server (quick example when you open pack3 you send a request to the server which determines if you can open pack3). I began what net messages I sent and I did some testing.

After figuring some net messages out that are pretty bad for the server I told my discoveries to Vandori.

So some time later barry messages me and ask me what I was doing and I explained to him that I was figuring out some exploits on the server and telling them to the dev team so they can fix it, but of course I can't just go on the serve go run scripts exploit the server and go away without harm, which is why I am writing this unban request. I will no further exploit on the server when I dont get the clear go from a high enough staff member and I will further try to better the server with suggestions.


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no lol
you used the armour exploit to give yourself a ton of armour to gain an unfair advantage even after you reported it, better yet you used cheats in the MSL

by the way, when you're doing security research, you ALWAYS ask the target before doing any unwanted testing, I don't know where in your head you thought it would be a good idea to inject a program in to garry's mod to start exploiting away, if you had come to us BEFORE doing this it would have been a different story

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-1 !

Maybe if you told SMT or got permission to exploit the server in a way to provide helpful information to potentially stop any harm in the future

However, you didn't and makes it look malicious.

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"i exploited on your server without permission, but i told one of you afterwards so its ok"

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first of all the ban length isnt 13 mins, its permanent lol

As it was myself to ban you ill leave the decision to unban you (as it was a community ban i gave you) with @Auster Schumacher

As far as giving my opinion goes, id have to just repeat what Atlas has said, it was dodgy enough having you out of the blue coming back to the server and running scripts to tell SMT members about potential exploits on the server,  but we have proof of you running those same exploits repeatedly. When called out on it by me you said you were testing the limits of it, but even if that was truly the reason you were doing it why would you think that it would be acceptable for a plat vip to test exploits "for the good of the server" without permission, at peak time?


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xD. No? Exploit on our servers, unauthorised 'testing' via none official channels and means, then expects to be let off like nothing happened? Rather delusional of you if I say so myself. If u are serious about this. See you in December at the earliest. 

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