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My In-Game name: gubba

STEAMID: 76561198989377384

Steam Name: Goonfregla420

What is the reason for your ban: rdm in a plane 

How long were you banned for: permabanned

Name of the staff member who banned you: Wanted

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:  The Reason I believe i should be unbanned ,

when I committed the mrdm I had just purchased diamond VIP and wanted to test out the planes/Ships i did crash into debrief however I was genuinely trying to avoid it. also so when i got banned i tried to Appel and the admins told me to re Appel in a few months and i should be ok,

i do fully understand i was absolutely in the wrong.

I hope you can understand 



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You did break the rule and it seems quite special to me that you managed to crash in to an whole debrief. Next time try to test it out in single player to make sure that you know on how to fly. I think that it is still a bit to early to be unbanned.

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Big -1
There is no way you "tried to avoid it", first of all you went straight into DB killing 70% of it, I managed to grab your ship before you finished the rest of them. 
Its still too soon for you to apply considering what you did that led you to a permaban.

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