Tyro's Clone EP Application

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General Information:


Steam Name + Profile link: Tyro - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199189949486/


Roleplay Name: 41st CPL Tyro


Teamspeak Name: Tyro


Playtime on the Server: ~10w 6d split between two different accounts


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:614841879


Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: Former Event Planner


Current Age: 22


Warns/Bans: None


Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes


Have you ever Done an Event Before?: Yes


What was your event and was it successfully executed?: From what I can remember I did an event on Christophsis where players had to escort an EMP through the street at a steady pace ensuring its safety and pushing droids back, eventually getting to the headquarters and setting it off disabling all droids. Although I could have optimised it more the community responded well to it and I wish to try and think of more fun ideas to further improve event quality serverwide.


Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?: I do, an event planner should work hard to ensure the enjoyment of players by developing and creating a creative and cohesive storyline whilst still building good combat scenarios. They do this in the hopes of keeping the playerbase coming back and engaged whilst on the server.


Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: Yes


Clone Event Plan:


Story for your event: A Republic Informant has recently come across some damaging information, a scientist on Naboo is working on a device that can disable the Republic's weapons at the press of a button. He’s set up towers across the city for experimentation of this device, the informant has no information of the whereabouts of this scientist and if he has any reinforcements available. The republic must investigate the situation on Naboo going door to door and ensuring everything is up to code, whether this is done peacefully or forcefully is up to them but destroying the towers and triangulating the position of the spy is paramount, ensuring this technology does not get further developed. After the towers have been destroyed the spy realises something is wrong and calls in CIS backup, during the commotion of battle he is frantically trying to upload his findings and escape via dropship. The players can either prioritise the information or the capture and interrogation of this scientist, preferably both whilst fighting through hoards of droids.


Event Announcement for your story: A hidden scientist is developing dangerous technology on Naboo that can disable your weapons at any time! Investigate through the city and destroy his relays, triangulate his position to stop the development of this dangerous weapon!


Choice of map: Naboo - rp_naboo_city_v2_1


Type of enemies/faction, Why them in particular?: I chose these in particular as it would make sense for the CIS to send backup in to protect this technology. Of course the amount of EC’s and the health they have would vary depending on the player count. 


1x Sniper (1500 - 2000 HP)


4x B1 Droid (1500 HP)


2x B2 Droid (2000 HP)


1x Droideka (2000 HP)


2x Mercenary (One Life)


Additional Characters:


Republic Informant (Passive)


Civilians (Passive)


CIS Scientist (Passive)


Republic's outline and execution: The Republic will receive information from an informant that lands on base, the leading battalion will call for a briefing and explain the situation to all players. After making their way to Naboo they will go door to door looking for civilians with information or the location of towers to be destroyed with explosives.


An alert will be raised after the location of the scientist gets discovered and the clones must fight their way through the guards and droids to get to him or the information.


Event Character outline and execution: The Republic informant first lands at Main Base calling for the highest in command as he has important information, he explains the situation about the towers and the rumoured technology. 


When we move to Naboo civilians will be scattered across the city, some innocent, some not. They will point the republic towards the towers that must be destroyed. After an alert has been raised the EC’s will be changed to either Guards or Droids to delay and protect the scientist until their ultimate demise.


Jedi Event Plan:


- Grey Jedi Teidowan who prevented the Jedi order from stopping the genocide of a village. The Grey Jedi now must be redeemed by the jedi order. Write an event plan on how the Grey Jedi would be redeemed


Story for your event BASED on the option: Grey Jedi Teidowan hands himself in at the Jedi temple, he wishes to speak to the Jedi who want to help him redeem his actions. After talking he will either be redeemed and join the Jedi or continue his grey jedi ways, not dependent on this his followers will betray him. Falling to the dark side they wish to kill Teidowan with the sole motivator being hatred, the Jedi will have to protect him and gain his trust.


Event Announcement for your story: A grey jedi has handed himself in, he wishes to talk about reverting to the Jedi order and redeeming his harmful actions. Will the Jedi redeem him or make him even more distant?


Jedi's outline and execution: The Jedi will have to talk to Teidowan and use their peaceful ways to redeem his actions, the best outcome is to get him to join them to fight against his followers who have heard of his trip to the temple. When they arrive the Jedi must defeat them and defend Teidowan.


Jedi Event Character outline and execution: Grey Jedi Teidowan will walk into the Jedi temple and ask to talk to anyone who can help him redeem his actions, after some RP he will either leave or be redeemed and help the Jedi defeat his followers who condemn his actions.


Last question:


Anything else?: W-G E-Planner

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