Meeps 2nd try unban

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My In-Game name: Meep


STEAMID: (  STEAM_0:0:134639372


Steam Name:  Meep⁧⁧Meep ็ ็ ็


What is the reason for your ban: Doxing, deleting a document, editing a document


How long were you banned for: Comm ban


Name of the staff member who banned you: Schumacher 


Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:  I was banned 2 years ago today, for being involved in a discord group chat where 2 pics of people in  the werewolf community were posted. I want to say that I had nothing to do with posting these pictures but was activity part of that discord .  When i was banned out of spite and annoyance I edited a document that I had wrote for the DU commander at the time (who was also commed banned) saying some hateful and spiteful stuff. I cant remember exactly what I wrote due to it  being a long time ago and me deleting the document but I would wanna apologies for this as it was extremely childish. I believe 7 of was commed banned at the time and I haven't spoken them in over a year and have distanced myself from them. As these were the people who encourage my mingy behavior  and I want to better myself.

I put a lot of hours into the community, through discord, forums , team speak and integrated myself into this community at the time that I was playing. I use to be  a high ranking member in GC colonel (41st), DU colonel and as jedi champion (coleman) and put over 2k hours in and only had had one warning that was over 2 years (2019) before i got commed banned. This shows how dedicated i was to the server and would run lots of training for my regiments. I would also take a lot jedi as apprentices and help them become knights +.





My old profile็-็-็/ 

From my old profile you can see all the suggestions I made and how active i was on the forums giving my say on thing such as new map ideas, staff and EP application and more with 121 posts on the forum. I also applied to staff a few times as well as tried to be a EP but failed due to lore questions.  Even tho i failed and before I use to help out with events all the time. I use to do this by being a EC and would occasionally  run the jedi event by myself as I had lots of dupes for this that i would make. I would also make event request and would send in my scripts of events. I still have a document containing every event I have made. As this was something I loved doing and still enjoy tbh.


I have had  lots of great time playing this server and would like to start playing it again , I am sorry for the childish behavior before with documents and the whole situation.  Thank you for considering and I hope to play soon


From Meep

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From what i could read it sounds genuine and after 2 years i think you deserve a second chance.

But this story is one sided at the moment and the chance is very high that Auster will deal with this unban request. So if he still remembers you he will make the correct decision if you are to be unbanned or not. 

Current Rank's:
CE Commander
CWRP Senior Administrator
Past Rank's:
CE Executive Officer
CWRP Administrator

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