Larry Lorton

Larry Lorton's 1048 Reapplication

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1048 Application

State your current/most common RP Name: 
Larry Lorton

State your current Steam Username: 

Provide your SteamID: 

State your current in game level(Level 30 required, exceptions can be made): 

State your current in game rank (User,VIP,Gold VIP etc.) 
Platinum VIP

State your current playtime in game (2 days required, exceptions can be made): 
5 days (I live in AUS so some  people might not see me)

How many warnings do you have?(15 warns is the limit, exceptions can be made)You MUST PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT: 

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP? (1 sentence is not an answer.): 
I understand the rules of SCP-RP. Since I am new to SCP RP, I have made sure to read the rules plenty of times so I have general knowledge of scp servers. I understand I can't kill people with no reason, if I die I  am not allowed to remember any of my other past memories. I also understand how I have to comply with anyone who has a gun aimed at me.

Do you understand the basics of 1048? (1 sentence is not an answer.): 
I understand the main basics of 1048. I also understand how 1048 works and how he steals ears from the victims that least suspect him. I also understand that I must not communicate to other's however I can with letters and gestures. I also understand that I do not have to show any proof or record me stealing ears to the admins, since the swep will keep track on how many ears I have stolen, to eventually summon 1048-A.


Do you understand that PassiveRP is very important in this job and why?: 
I understand how PassiveRP can affect how people see SCP RP and how it can affect this job. This job needs Passive RP so the RP experience is the best to its capability. PassiveRP is really helpful for 1048 as it shows how 1048 works, by being peaceful then stealing the victims ear. As the lour on how 1048 presents himself, shows that 1048 will not go on a rampage where he steals everyone's ears in the room with him. It will also make the job more fair for others with PassiveRP.

Do you understand the rules of SCP-1048, and are you willing to follow them at all times?(1 sentence is not an answer): 
I have read over the rules of 1048 numerous times, and I have tried my best to remember them the best I can. Some examples of the rules for 1048 are "1048 can't talk, however can do actions to communicate and to write letters. 1048 needs permission from a Senior Admin+ to go to surface. You cant annoy other Scps into hurting you, and only take the ear of people who are crouching in front of you and are interacting with you. You cant open doors with buttons. 1048 must abide by FearRP.


Describe how SCP-1048 should act with and around Foundation Personnel: 
Scp 1048 would normally act in a friendly way while the Foundation Personnel aren't sure if they can trust 1048. When the foundation personnel start trusting 1048 more that is when it strikes. 1048 will attack when they least expect it and take the ear of one of the foundation. Once he took the ear he should try to gain their trust again as they will have a high suspicion of him doing it again.

Describe what SCP-1048 does:
SCP 1048 is a bear that represents a toy teddy bear. 1048 will trick people into trusting them. When one person has fell into the trap of 1048 then 1048 will take the ears of the victim. With those ears 1048 will then make a duplicate of them self. When the duplicate of 1048 is made it is called 1048-A. SCP 1048-A has unique a ability, it can grow ears all over the body and in the humans body eventually suffocating them if they are to close to it.


A GOI has breached you out of containment and take you to Gate A, they tell you to come with them, what do you do?:
Before I were to exit the facility I would ask a Senior Admin+ for permission. When I have asked for permission I would tell the GOI in ooc if I could or could not leave the facility. If I cant leave I would then just wander back into the facility and do my own thing. If yes I would follow all orders from the GOI.

The End. (I hope you liked it)

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