Malcolm Scott's Discord Unban Request #2

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Server you got banned from: SCP-RP Main Discord

Your name in-game: Malcolm Scott

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:49900664

Admins' name that banned you: Xunt i think

Admin's steamID: STEAM_0:1:229514442

Why did you get banned?: I was a idiot and got banned for giving myself the job manager role in the discord when matt gave the PlatVIP role admin perms. I also think i unbanned some people.

Evidence(Un-necessary):  image.png.e9bf75a23b33e82db3618d158b6ccbc4.png

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: It gets annoying when all gois are moved to main discord. and unable to see changes to the server which could affect the way i play. The reason why i think i should be unbanned is because in fairness, i did not cause enough disruption to the discord. Yes i gave myself the job manager role. Who did that affect. I can only think of me. The only disruption i could have caused was unbanning people but that is easily dealt with if they rejoin. If i RDM'ed someone, i would cause disruption to their rp experience and their view on the server. I do not believe i disrupted any players experience on the server.

Anything else?:  No, not really

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12 hours ago, Malcolm Scott said:

I was a idiot and got banned for giving myself the job manager role in the discord when matt gave the PlatVIP role admin perms. I also think i unbanned some people.

I've never always 100% agreed with Xunt's actions as owner, but this is one that I do agree with to the fullest.


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5 minutes ago, Jason Ray said:

Seems he was just investigating what he could do and he hurt no one, its the internet and people who have done worse are still in the discord

You do realise if you can give yourself roles that means you can go to the roles tab in the discord's settings and take a look at the permissions without doing anything ? 

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What you did, was an action with little to no regard for consequences, possibly doing it in the heat of the moment. You are not the only one who would have done this if others were also given this opportunity. 


Though, it's not your mistake or fault of getting these powers in the first place, but it was your fault to abuse it when you did get them. 


I wouldn't say being banned from the Discord is a perfect punishment,  but it isn't far away. Maybe wait for a while before being allowed back.


But being unable to access the discord could be problematic in terms of; Updates of rules being announced, Tryouts being announced ect.


(I wrote this under the impression he was banned from the discord,  I do not know of this moment if he is banned from the server or not)

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Yes he used the power given to him when he shouldnt have that power but no one was hurt nor was the abuse too bad, a discord ban is overkill especially considering that everything is in that discord, he banned no one, he unbanned his alt and gave himself a relatively useless role, no one was harmed, xunt was a little annoyed but no one was harmed in anyway, he could have done way worse 

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