Trek Unban request

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My In-Game name:

CT 2805 Trek



Steam Name:

What is the reason for your ban:

11 Arrests in 5 days

How long were you banned for:

2 weeks

Name of the staff member who banned you:

No Idea

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:

I haven't been arrested 11 times in 5 days.  Check #arrest-reports
I don't know who hates me enough to make up numbers, to make a ban sound better. 



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Literally tried to use an ALT to avoid a ban
The reason is not exactly because of the arrests, its because if you get arrested that much it clearly states that you are not here to roleplay.


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Hi, it was me who banned you.

Sadly enough I hadn't had the pleasure of talking to you but when in-game and looking at arrest reports your name was a frequent one that popped up when concerning punishment. As Pie has shown, those numbers are real and be assured I won't ban you without getting the facts right first.

When your ban ends, you should consider how you play the server, because of the influx of arrests you get and the hassle you make for CG and CT SOs.

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If you are minging on the server he has the right to do it if he has the following evidence to show SMT, e.g arrests accumulated also your behavior on the serber


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who cares




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