ban request because why not

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Your name in-game: Colonel Radec

Your SteamID:  STEAM_1:1:209890907

Person's you report name: jaso crack

Person's you report SteamID: STEAM_0:1:181092438

Why do you want him banned?: Because funny man tries his hardest to propkill and minging with props in general.

Evidence(It's a must. If not provided, request is denied.): Here ya go



he did more but I am way to lazy to make more evidence of him doing the funny rulebreak.

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cringy mingy

insert all my fucking wls here so i can prove i have worth in life


Earlier today I was really horny, and I saw what I thought to be a blank dvd. I thought, DVDs have a tight hole, they might feel pretty good. So I put my soft pp into the hole of the DVD, and for a few seconds as I started getting harder, it felt pretty good, but then, once I was fully erect, it started being painful. My pp was stuck in the dvd, and I had to break it in half to get if out. It was then when I flipped the broken dvd over and realized that it was not a blank dvd, but a copy of the movie UP. Well guys, guess I fucked up.

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