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Im gonna start by saying that playing event character sucks. You barely get any of the appeal you want out of this server, there is no progression, no sense of achievement because you are either doomed to fail or overwhelmingly win, which is fine and obvious cause this is roleplay and how it should go, but i'm suggesting a way to make people want to play EC more, progression as EC's. I'm also gonna say that I dont know how to mod in GMOD so take what I say as a suggestion thrown in hopes to make events more fun and EP's job easier.
Progression System:

When you first get called into EC room, a console will appear, and let you play as a commando droid, you play, you get kills, after a certain amount of kills/events you get leveled up, and you can play as a Heavy Droid, and next level is sniper droid, then B2, then droideka and Tactical Droid. Obviously there would be caps for amount of each job but it would also add to people wanting to be EC quickly to get their jobs, lowering delay on events. now this is complicated and idk how practical it is, but i do believe it is a good way to get people to play as EC, and would create a standing run with relatively new players wanting to keep progressing and the people who already got to the max get to play as stronger reinforcements or play as their regiment without having to stress about whether they are gonna have to play EC.

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This has been brought up before 
However as an EP you lose the little control over your ecs if this system was added people would get annoyed if you uped or lower the leval of droid they would be. 
Also this would need a dev to implment which is in high demand on multiple severs


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I do agree that there should be a better incentive to play EC and sometimes it is really annoying getting destroyed, this might not be the best approach but I think there should be a discussion about implementing some sort of system.

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