Server literally unplayable for anyone else?

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Hello people, in the past days I am experiencing times where the server is literally unplayable. I know people sometimes say that when they have big lag spikes, but my lag is on another level. As soon as combat related stuff happens(might also be many people moving) my game is just completely freezing for around 10-20s, I am abled to somewhat hear people talking and shooting but I neither see them moving or shooting nor am I abled to move/shoot myself. Is anyone else having the problem or does anyone know how to get it working again? Because I can join other Servers without any problem, my Internet does good and Im abled to play other processing-intense games. One thing I noticed is that my lerp is almost continously yellow when that happens, I dont know what that means tho.

^Example Video, it can still get worse

^New example, fresh from today

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I have the same issue, it usually is a Internet issue so with you Internet or ur pc card 

First find your default gateway and do ping [gateway] - n 32 if it says connection timmed out your pc WiFi card is fucked up

If not then rip idk


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Server performance has been dogshit the last few days, give it a few days. I'm sure SMT and Harland are looking into the reason(s) behind this.

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this isn't server performance, as a person with shit internet i can fully say that its your connection to the server, you can hear players and everyone freezes but they cant hear you. Its just your connection 

consider not using pac

play on wire

is discord doing the same

dont use discord

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Yeah definetely client side, I was in the first clip and that definitely didn't happen for me. Internet shit is not my expertise so maybe give this a read and see if it helps at all, it's TF2 but it should apply to Garry's mod as well I think.

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To Silent:

The Problem is, that nothing else is having the same problem, I can even play on other servers without getting that issue, also Im on wire and pull 60Down/50Up, other servers work without a problem.


To Husky:

Most of the time other people dont have it, unfortunately I also already found that link and the steps there didnt help.


One thing I saw however , is that I get massive amounts of incoming packages when that happens, can someone maybe activate net_graph and tell me the number behind "in:" during events, that might help me find a fix.

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This disconnection is not server-side.


Most likely the client buffer is being overloaded (I'm assuming the last video is a event). Myself, Jack and worm are working on these issues. Primairly its the fault of the engine.


Some players see this issue on our nazi rp at high peak, its just the source engine is wholly not fitted for type of operations we are forcing clients to run. We will be releasing performance fixes alongside WiltOS 2020 focused around the client.

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That latest example i assume you had just spawned in?

What happened there usually happens to me too. I believe it's because gmod is loading in all of the server content like textscreens etc. I could be completely wrong but one thing to note is that i doesn't last that long for me. It usually disappears after 7-10 seconds.


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The second example was after coming back from being AFK as cadet, so server was already loaded and it took about 2 minutes instead of 10 seconds. I could get mostly rid of this problem by increasing lerp to 500ms. Sometimes I still have this problem tho.

yo what tis

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