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What your suggestion is: Update the droideka job so it can be easily used in events

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information:
Currently it is nearly impossible to use the droideka job in events as you have to first give them a gun and then set hp. What I am suggesting is, 
Giving them the E-5#2 commando droid gun 
Having there HP be 6500 (tested this in a number of events and is reasonable if you pick the right people to do it)
Giving them 200 Armor (meaning that they dont get knockbacked as easily)
Setting the walk speed to be half% of what it is now (making them be extreamly slow when shotting making them be open to be flanked)
Uping the run speed to be 3 times as much now (make sense as they roll around)

All these things I have tested in my events and have created a unique challenge for clones to face 

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I mean, if an EP thinks that it would help events, then why not, also sounds good to me


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42 minutes ago, Jeka said:

One sidenote tho. Can't you give them mininguns or somehting similair. Because commando droid gun needs to be reloaded every 5 seconds

With my testing I found the E-5 wa sbetter as the more reloads it had to do more likely clones can run away

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2 hours ago, Jeka said:


Would be awesome to see droidekas being used in events. I've been on the server for 4/5 months now and frankly I have never seen a droideka used in any event.

One sidenote tho. Can't you give them mininguns or somehting similair. Because commando droid gun needs to be reloaded every 5 seconds. And I don't think that's the case in lore as well as in other games where you're able to play as droidekas. 

Overall good idea and I hope it gets implemented. 


Really good idea that allows them to be different to regular ECs. Add some much needed variety to CIS events

As for Jeka's comment, its definitely a good idea but i believe the wrist cannons used for the droidekas are currently broken so the E-5 is probably the best substitute. 

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Jack so already working on that stuff though. But would be sick to see. Watching the event you did using them and everything was reasonable whne you wer using the droidekas


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Sounds like a great idea, improving events with more EC roles would be great.





Credit to Loki for this.



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Only seen droidekas in events twice, id like to see them being used more +1

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Really wanna see droidekas/be one in events! 

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Droideka goes BRRRRRR

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The droideka weapon and unique abilities will most likely be worked in some way in the future once we have developers able to put more time into it.

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