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i was banned because a higher up told me to kill someone or i would be terminated, so i did as i was told, after i did i was tp'd to staff room and got banned,  u cant banned for rdm even tho i had a reason, (kill  him or be terminated) i dont find this fair at all and would like to be un-banned thx (admin couldnt find proof cuz they didnt txt it they used a mic)

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Server you got banned from:

Your name in-game:

Your SteamID:

Admins' name that banned you:

Admin's steamID:

Why did you get banned?:


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:

Anything else?:

(you may get denied if you dont use this template)

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(idk my steam ID dont see why it is nessacary either)

(i forgot admins name but the person who got me in the room in the first place is some guy called windows)

(i dont know how to view their steam ID)

i was banned because a higher up told me to kill windows or i would be terminated 

(havent got any evidence)

because i was doing as i was told by higher ups and i didnt want to be terminated (plus i did literally nothing wrong)

(if i see windows again i would make sure to tell you his ID) 

(please just unban me im going through a rough time rn and that scp server is the only thing keeping me going)

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Just now, fairgamer said:

Idk what happened but i remember that a combat medic shot windows (o1 cmdr) for apparently no reason and he got banned for rdm

yeah that was me i was told to kill windows or be terminated

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We need your SteamID as that is how you are indetified on the server, without it we can neither check for the ban reason ( aka if its the same you claimed ) nor unban you.

If you were threaten to be terminated if you didn't shot him, then under FearRP your actions were valid (as fearRP still exists, even if its optional).


Use a site like steamid.io to get your steamID, you can put your steam profile to get your steamID, your steamID should start with "STEAM_"


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first of all didnt Put the Steam ID in like maurice said it above here because they will need it to unban you and you didnt used the template

Second of all Like maurice told already FearRP so your reason was valid but did you told it the commander? if not he couldnt know that you needed to do it so like i said Neutral but i would love to see you back on the server you're a nice guy


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