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What your suggestion is: I know sometimes its like hard to have players be part of events as sometimes they AFK or doing it for the sake of others but I think this NPC pack be helpful as it filled with B1, B2, droideka and even Spider droids and could give a wider choices of events for the community.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1563313391

Any additional information:  Would be replacement of curent CIS models and NPC weapons with 7 addition content required for it to work.

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we somtimes did antler events

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-1 Whilst it is a pretty cool idea that will alow for bigger battles and more variation in events , as seen on other smaller servers, it would shag the server's performance at peak times. People have already tried adding AI into events and it just ends up turning into a laggy mess. IMO, its not worth the added stability issues just for a simple feature when human ECs work fine.

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People keep asking for NPC's saying they will make events more interesting, but I honestly don't think NPC's will help much.

We actually used to have NPC's in events 3 years ago, but that were back when we got a maximum of 70-80 people online on peak hours. I can tell you from experience that NPC's don't make that interesting opponents. What would happen during an event is the eventplanner spammed down a bunch of droids and tried simulating a push by spawning them closer to the clones. This is because the droids themselves didn't move and only stood still and shot at any player on sight.

Now I personally think it is much more interesting to fight against an opponent that is actively trying to kill you and will try to use tactics during the fight, rather than a frozen mannequin that shoots at anything that moves.


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Nobody cares

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-1 what torbjorn said

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