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A fix for myself

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Server you got banned from:SCP rp

Your name in-game:Simon Zakaev

Your SteamID:0:76561197971840405

Admins' name that banned you:(Data Unknown)

Admin's steamID:(Data Unknown)

Why did you get banned?:I wanted to ban myself from the server as an vacation


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:First of all this whole month was like something important to me Ive have won the two projects as 2nd place and Im in the mathmetic olympics starting my training at TÜBİTAK (a turkish science orginazation) and I have a GF right now the therapy I got had fixed the Suicide issue about me and the normal dossage I took from my anti depressents are showing its effects and I hope I can return to SCP rp and enjoy some sweet time with the community

Anything else?:the ban warn can stay 


Im Back Bois!

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