Unban from SCP RP

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Your name in-game: BlipsterTheKipster

Your SteamID: BlipsterYT

Admins' name that banned you: Rock

Admin's steamID: Don’t know it

Why did you get banned?: Got banned indefinitely because I refused to change my in-game name because it was unprofessional and not in RP which I know now that I was wrong 


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I understand it was wrong to not change it and argue I recently had some IRL issues and I tend to take my problems out online so I apologize. I feel I deserve a second chance and an indefinite ban wasn’t justified in that situation by rock. 

Anything else?: No and I apologize again 

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It would be an insult to believe your memory is that poor that you were unable to remember the additional reasons for your ban. Feel free to make another unban request. (Just be sure to include the actual reason next time)

AKA John Cale the funny event man

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