SCP-RP Unban app

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Server you got banned from:UK Werwolf Gaming SCP-RP✔Surface✔Breaches✔PAC✔MTF

Your name in-game: John Gideon I think

Your SteamID:49037593

Admins' name that banned you: No clue, been a while 

Admin's steamID: No clue

Why did you get banned?: Back in like Novemeber 2019, I was banned for mass rdm. reason I was is I had a KOS sign at the Class-D gate to stop them from piling up in the room and to keep them back. So whenever they ran pass it, I would shoot them. After a commander deleted it, I still shot D-class as they ran into the room as if the KOS sign was still there.

Evidence(Un-necessary): Got nothing

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: As I feel it was a extremely dumb thing I did, and regret it deeply as it was on a server I would play whenever I was in the mood for some SCP-RP. I wont do commit mass rdm again as I don't want to lose this server again and have to join another server with half-ass, and half-brain people the don't understand how everything works.

Anything else?: No, I think I said enough

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I usually dont do this, but +1


seems like he honestly had no intention of being retarded on the server but instead fucked up like a retard, and acts like a normal person.

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