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Server you got banned from: SCP-Surface Self-Breaches PAC3
Your name in-game:
davy boy
Your SteamID:
Admins' name that banned you:
i do not know his user name 
Admin's steamID:
i do not know his steamID
Why did you get banned?:
7x rdm

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:
because i was killing me friends or i was killing someone that had put them in handcuffs for no reason when they were security guards  or after someone handcuffs me then i kill them because  i was a security guard and they did it for no reason 
Anything else?:


i don't want to be perm band because its a bit harsh i would raver be band for a week because I did kill people and I really enjoy playing on the server


Edit tbh if I was going to get perm banned i should have got a warning before that 


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"Because I was killing my friends or I was killing someone that cuffed them for no reason." the worst excuse I ever heard. You killed me twice for cuffing your "friend/s" that was/were clearly breaking the law and just minging all the time.


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I was the person who banned you, I banned you because you killed 7 people. Saying you killed your friends is a bad excuse because you only killed your friend ONCE meanwhile you killed 6 others. I will post the evidence right away.












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its the truth he told me him self we got banned at a similar time and he said he killed 12 people and got banned for a week


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