Charles Thatcher

Smiles HoEA app

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RP Name: Charles Thatcher

Steam Name: Smiles

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:188748316

Playtime and Level (5 days and level 50 minimum): 1w 1d 8h Level 50




What is the Department of External Affairs?: The Department of External Affairs is a branch within the Foundation Administration. They focus is on gather information to prevent harm to the foundation. They can do this by using Field Agents. They can also organise raids on hostile GOI's using MTF's to plan the raid. They also prevent and cover up info leaks to the civilian population to prevent the state of normalcy the civilian population has.

Who is the Head of External Affairs?: The HoEA is the manger of the DoEA. It is in charge of all FA's and DoEAA's. It can use these personnel to gather information on the surface, such as GOI's, POI's or anomalous entities. It can also recruit new members into the foundations MTF ranks using a Nanite explosive inserter. This can be use on anomalous humanoids or hostile GOI's this is to add a MTF with certain skills only a anomalous humanoid or GOI posses. (Before brining anomalous humanoids  into our ranks they first must be examined by R&DD).

What is a GOI?:  A GOI (Group of interest) Is a organisation that knows about, has the ability to contain or uses anomalous entities. Some well known GOI's are Chaos Insurgency, CoTBG, GOC and many more. Not all GOI's are hostile to the foundation or each other but all of them have different goal they want to reach. 

Who does the HoEA answer to?:  The HoEA answers to the 05 council but the SD has authority of Him meaning the SD word is final.

What are the duties of a HoEA?: The duties of the HoEA is to use the personnel at your disposal to gather information about GOI's, POI's and the surface. It also keeps the identity of the foundation and any anomalous entities from the civilian population and hostile GOI's. It can also recruit new personnel into the MTF ranks to be used in a situation they are needed in. It can also negotiate and interrogate when needed, such as a foundation personnel has been kidnapped or a CI has been found in the facility.

What is MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12?  Sigma-66 are MTF soldiers recruited from hostile GOI's that can be used for situations where there skillset is needed. Omega-12 soldiers are recruited from anomalous humanoids that's powers can be used to the foundation use. Both of these units are kept in check by a Explosive devise implanted in there neck. This can be detonated by the HoEA at any time (IF the HoEA wants One solider dead its best to use a gun to get rid of them as the detonator explodes all explosive devises.)

Describe the SCP Foundation as a GOI: The SCP Foundation is the biggest GOI in the SCP universe. It is a secret organisation known by little outside the organisation. They contain some of the most dangerous SCP in the universe (Some that can even end the world). They main goal is to contain all anomalous entities and study them, but the will kill anomalous entities if they pose a threat to humanity and can not be contained or disabled.)  They use Amnestics to cover up info leaks or incidents from the public. They have also made MTF's ( Mobile Task Force) that are formed from the most elite soldiers throughout the world to form a highly specialised units to be used by the foundation in different situations. 

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Accepted - Further Notes.

I have seen you play Field Agent a lot and a couple of the Site Administration roles so I'm willing to say that I can give you a chance, given your performance on both of these jobs. You will have a trial that ends the 2nd of September. Please get the HoEA role on discord and you'll be started soon. Thank you.

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