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BQ's HoEA Application

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RP Name: Edward Hunter

Steam Name: Best Quickscoper

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:110116359 

Playtime and Level (5 days and level 50 minimum): 5 Days, and 8 hours. Level 50

Warns: None.

What is the Department of External Affairs?: Department of External Affairs is a group of people that has multiple tasks such as; negotations with GoIs, cooperate with field agents to block leak of information to civilians as much as possible, which could possibly include placing misinformation, "silencing" people with the help of field agents, so forth.
Who is the Head of External Affairs?: The the Head of External Affairs is the person that is tasked with managing the field agents and the local External Affairs agents, they are tasked with ensuring that no public ear gains knowledge about anomalies. They are also tasked interrogation of Hostile Groups of Interest agents, and possibly making them work for the foundation by the use of nanite explosives.

What is a GOI?: A group of interest is a group of people that has somehow brung the attention of the Foundation upon themselves. That maybe because of their past activities, negotations, anything to do with anomalies, or anything else that could've brung the attention of the Foundation by anything similar.

A few that could be given as a example is;

Chaos Insurgecy: Chaos Insurgency is a GoI made up of ex mobile task force operatives that have decided to rather than protecting the anomalies, use them a weapon against those who oppose them, and take over the world. They usually target the foundation as a raiding target to recover anomalies from. 

Global Occult Coalition(GoC): GoC is division of one and only UN Peacekeeper forces. The GoC's primary focus, unlike the Chaos Insurgency and the SCP Foundation is to destory the anomalies. Even though the GoC acts neutral towards the foundation, their forces sometimes enter combat engagements.

Church of the Broken God: Church of the Broken God is a GoI that worships the mechanical God of Mekhane. The Church of the Broken God is mostly known by their activity that is named as "SCP-001-Apotheosis" event. The Church of the Broken God has shown hostile activity before a small negotation with the DoEA. In these hostile activity they have tried raiding many foundation sites that had entity or a object within their interests to recover the entities that have taken by the foundation and rebuild their Broken God. This rebuilding of the Broken God is currently named as "SCP-001". Which this SCP has caused a event that has been mentioned before as, "SCP-001-Apotheosis", this event included the activation of SCP-001 and a portion of Mexico's land.

Who does the HoEA anwser to?: To the O5 Council.

What are the duties of a HoEA?: The HoEA assigns the field agents and external affairs agents stationed on site, to retrieve the anomalies detected on the surface. Also with the correct reasoning, using a nanite explosive to make the hostile group of interest agents work for the foundation. The HoEA is also tasked with negotations with groups of interests.

What is MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12?

Sigma-66 is a task force that is made up of spies, agents and such of hostile groups of interests, that have been captured, interrogated, after which they have been put a nanite explosive in their neck to work for the Foundation.

Omega-12 is a task force consisting of anomalous civilians, foundation personnel or members of any types of GoI, they are tasked with situations that requires the anomalous powers of the specific task force member.

Describe the SCP Foundation as a GOI: The SCP Foundation is a secretive organization, funded by the governments all around the world. This organization has put a task for themselves. Which is to secure, contain, and protect the anomalies. These anomalies are refferred to as "SCPs". These anomalies can be anything, a human, a humanoid entity, a object, a whole city, a animal, or anything. The Foundation is also tasked with researching these anomalies, to prevent any leaks of information, the Foundation has put up departments each with their own jobs. 


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Personally, I feel like you have the basics needed to become a HoEA, just remember that you also answer to the SD, and so you must follow orders he has specifically given, along with the O5's orders. Other than that, this is a good app and I have high hopes for you.



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+ 1 I'm not one of the people who gives -1. I mean no warns, has the needed level and playtime overall app is good. But just like this guy above me said you listen to SD aswell just to make sure you should read the HoEA rules again. That would be all.

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Accepted - See Details 

In some regards your answers are underdetailed, but with Walter in particular vouching for you I'm willing to give you a shot as your playtime/0 warn ratio is pretty good. Your trial period will end on the 16th of September, please get the role on the discord. Thank you.

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