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Your In-Game Name: Kevin Lowikeyes



Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:102077624


Your Age: 15 (norra don’t try it)




Your In-Game Playtime: about 6-7 weeks




Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max): 4




Rate your roleplaying skills: I'm feeling about 7/10.








What would you like your O5 Designation to be?: O5-9 "The Catalyst"




(300 to 350 words)


Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions): 


Having been part of the council about 2 times already, I have had plenty of experience being an O5 member, I had felt that I was able to make reasonable quick decisions that have been able to save more people than kill. I had created a couple projects for some researchers to do and funded them accordingly so that they could complete the project quickly, one of my favourites was Project Avalon which is to create combat suits for Mobile Task Forces and maybe some O5s for better offense & defense. I feel I'll be able to create projects for researchers to do that will have an effect on future RP situations, and not just have them test on SCPs day in day out but instead actually try to understand and replicate an anomalys abilities such as SCP-2295s healing or SCP-106s dimension. When it comes to dealing with Forge (pleigs funny event storyline) I feel I'll do well in dealing with it, if some people saw the Operation Forge document I had made, then they should know I organised it entirely and gave tasks to all the O5s before it got purged, I feel I'd be able to do similar things if I get added back into O5 and maybe some new things since there are new features for O5.


I feel I'll be able to add RP to the server as O5 with the examples shown above and as I’ve done before the purge, instead of being an O5 that sits in their office or at EZ big all day collecting salary until an event comes along, and even then, events don’t come along that often, *unless it’s pleig*.

I feel I can get some others to confirm that I was doing alright as O5, such as Jack Miller & Leon Hensley, so it doesn’t seem like I’m throwing bullshit out of my ass, so hopefully they post on this app to confirm it.



(100 to 150 words)


How many O5 Council Members are there in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?:

Bit of a strange question since I’m unsure of what it’s even asking, if it’s asking about O5s such as Aaron Siegel, then I’ve got nothing. I’ve asked multiple people and it’s about how many O5s there are at one time, which is 12, however during meetings where 6 O5s vote for and 6 O5s vote against, there’s normally someone brought in to act as O5 13, designated as the Tie breaker. Although sometimes the 13th could be a separate O5 going by the existence of the Meddler & Tamlin.

Chances are there are some O5s that aren’t on the dossier, but are in some tales such as Aaron Siegel & “Brian” from the O5 orientation tale.





(300 words)


Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Administration?:

The O5 council in lore are what controls the Foundation and all of its operations, authorizing tests and clearances when need and the termination of some SCPs such as SCP-096 & SCP-682, Most of them are shrouded in mystery and only so many know who they are while some others are more public with their status as O5, wearing it like a badge. Most O5s are designated a department to oversee, providing permission to do so without it just being a large council vote for a small decision. The O5 oversees the site, making sure that everything runs smoothly, this will consist of guiding and correcting the SD in their tasks and making sure that they don't mess up, along with providing the SD with tasks to perform and complete to potentially assist in quality of life changes for all Foundation personnel, the O5 would also demote any SDs that continue to make dumb decisions even though they were told not to, not answering comms or ordering something completely stupid such as ordering the detainment of the E-11 CMDR for doing their job. They'll also assist all the other members of Site Administration such as the HoEA & ECM by providing permission/information for something and giving new orders ASAP in case of an unusual occurrence, but most of the time they’ll stay out of their way.

The O5 is one of the most important people inside the Foundation, so obviously they're a high value target for any GOIs that are against the Foundation. Killing one O5 could cripple the Foundation long enough for a Group of Interest to attack the weakened area of the Foundation to capture anomalies, personnel, information & god knows what else. That normally can't happen with an ordinary Site Director or Head of External Affairs as the O5 isn’t so easily replaceable.




(150 words)


Explain what makes you special:

I feel what makes me special is my unique perception to situations in which I have been dealt a bad hand, such as dealing with pleigs characters such as Azazel, Moth, Samuel & Forge by using items that I had known about previously, such as Miller's M.I.C.R.O or using Dr Shoguns armor suits to better defend myself. It normally works out in my favor, by being left alone or having that reality bender work with us. I feel I have a pretty good ability to bluff as well, some bluffs of mine had worked, and I was also able to stop a Chaos Insurgency Operative in their tracks just by outnumbering them and telling them to put the weapon away or else I'll kill them. *as a diff job obviously*, so I feel I can use speech and threats to my advantage in encounters. I feel I can prove myself again to be suitable for the O5 job, and if not then I atleast would've have a good time trying to be one.




( No Word Requirement)


How do you initiate a nuke?: The way to initiate a nuke is simple, however the process behind it is not, obviously the situation has to have reached a point of no return, such as multiple SCPs breached onto the surface or the entire surface constantly attacking the Foundation, a situation similar to that is IMO a good reason to initiate a nuke, the way to actually initiate it is to go to the nuke room, stand at the button and request that an event planner or member of hierarchy activate it, once the button has been activated, the nuke will eventually fly to the surface and kill everything up there. Once the nuke has been set off, it must be reported why it happened in site sitreps, if the reason is invalid, the O5 will be demoted and banned for MRDM.




( No Word Requirement)


What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?:

*not gonna farm words here so here’s most important rules*

I. Giving important information to those that are not trusted with it.

II.Going into an SCPs Containment Cell without the proper precautions made.

III. Not attempting to keep oneself safe from harm.

IV. Not trying to keep oneself a secret to those that might do harm.

V. Preventing perfectly allowed research for whatever reason.

VI. Breaking the protocols in place when they are not needed to be broken.



( No Word Requirement)


Why would you like to role play as an O5?:

It’s a job that I enjoy deeply & had been playing it non-stop for the past few days before the purge, even though the job may seem simple with nothing to do from the exterior, there’s actually a lot of things to do, just need to browse some tales, take some things that happened and place a unique twist on it, or create something entirely new & have some researchers or MTF work on it, creating an RP situation that can affect future RP situations with items made from research and events using pac3, such as the combat armor, maybe even edited guns.


Having heard of one of the new features being that each O5 oversees a department, I'd like the option to oversee the research department.


*didnt put too much because there wasn't too much to put without it being a lie or filler, also someone remove my group manager tag*

just punch through his fucking head

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I dont see the reason why you out of all people had to be removed but i do see the reason why it was done and it doesnt have to do anything with your performance from my perspective so i will stay:

NEUTRAL/aka leaving this on the rest and those who know more than i do.




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You were a perfect example of the issues with the O5 council which is why me and Rex decided on a purge. Did absolutely nothing on the job for several months and only just started actually contributing to the Council when Plague involved you in an event. Also never discussed anything in the voting channel outside of the event unless it involved one of your friends. 0 point in a purge if we're just going to let everyone who was kicked back in.

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 One of the more active O5's, unfortunately The Council has voted in favor of Denying you for two main reasons. One, you had done really nothing meaningful as an O5 and only started to do things when Plague started doing his events, in addition you were purged recently, and accepting you again would just make invalid. 


You may Re-Apply in one week or believe that you have changed, you can also re-use your app.


The Council has voted.




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