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SCP-RP V6 Summer Update

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SCP-RP V6 August Summer Update

Please feel free to come and check out our newest Update by using the server IP below


Foundation O5 Council Changes:
So lately Server Hierarchy have been wanting to see a change in how O5 work's in regardless to general activity and performance of the people which were in this Council Job. As to this change we have also decided all together that once again we shall try the idea of making O5s 12 slot's only again meaning that some people were purged as well which we felt did not felt up-to scratch with O5 currently.  But instead of just having one singular slot O5 job we actually create all 12 Custom O5s which are specifically unique to the person who has that designation.

In this new change these O5s have been given certain tasks/departments to take care of and ensure that they are running smoothly without complications and if their was any then they would be swiftly dealt with, now O5 is still an applicable job to apply for but it will only have 12 space to fulfil so.

All Fixes/changes

  1. Lately a bug has recently become aware of our attention which is the 3D Stream Radio, the issue was that people were able to change other people's settings on the radio's meaning they could potentially get them in trouble for spamming loud music for example, so after being informed and helped by previous hierarchy we were able to identify the bug and should hopefully be fixed from now.
  2. All spawn point's have recently been fixed/updated to correct places, so if you noticed some changes with them in to where you spawn dw about it.
  3. O5's should be able to use /lockdown & /unlockdown soon so they can function regularly if the foundation is raided and so on.

  4. (Currently) Will be looking into why the construct is sometimes not immune to this 016 infection, will be identified and fixed shortly, 
  5. All SCP Sweps are currently working again following a small issue last night, if anything is not correct please DM me on discord.
  6. O5s should be able to access all door's which use keys to open them e.g EZ cells.
  7. Will be going through some unused playermodels and general addons to improve general performance, and stability and will also reduce loading in times as you join the server.

    (More to follow)

    Discord Information

Recently myself and another have been updating the SCP-RP discord and making it more understandable on how you get access into the discord itself, and also as it will be easier for you to contact us if you have an issue on the discord or in game to be assisted with. Essentially we have cleaned up the discord and made it more neater now as well, we may plan to improve the systems more as time will go on for now we feel this is more then enough. 

We also decided for the last thing to refresh all the commands we used which were linked to old group/job threads,  server rules, breaching rules, and so on, some we were not able to recover but we will be looking in to redoing these very shortly.

Again if you have any questions please do not be shy to ask.

Changes in Game



Present SCP Ranks:
SCP Developer

SCP Ranks Past
SCP Manager
SCP Head Admin
SCP-Head Moderator             
SCP-096 Co-Manager
Onerioi Collective
Ethics Committee Manager
Chaos Insurgency Delta Manager
Sarkic Manager
O5 Council Manager


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