Smooth's First Event Planner Application

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Steam Name + Profile link:

Roleplay Name:

Jedi Agent Smooth

Teamspeak Name:


Playtime on the Server:

5 Weeks 6 Days



Any experience in staffing:

No but I know some of the mechanics of the ULX system

Current Age:




Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:

Yes, a Razer Siren X

Event Plan:



Enemies, HP, Amount:

Clone EC:

B1 Battle Droids, 2.5k HP, 6 

Sniper Droid, 2.5k HP, 2

Tactical Droid, 3.5k HP, 1

Commando Droid, 3k HP, 2

Amount of lives per Clone EC will depend on how active server is

Jedi EC:

Sith Apprentice (Sith Warriors), 80k HP, 1

Sith Lord (Sith Sorcerer), 100k HP, 1

These are rough numbers and HP, this could be changed depending on how full the server is.

Republic's Execution:


The Battalion Lead would report a crashed ship near RO and send out CE, 74th and a front line regiement.

After the Clones land at RO and enter, they would be then ambushed by the droids. They should not fight back but give in to the CIS that clearly have them surrounded.

After loosing contact, GC will be dispached to scout the area of RO, they may need to be careful not to be spotted by the Sniper Droids.

GC will report back to battalion that the clones are under gun point.

GC should also report that there are possible  Sith near and inform the Jedi.

A rescue squad of another regiment will be sent to the RO at hopes of retreiving the lost clones.

The rescue squad shall not go in guns blazing, yet try and talk to the Commanding Droid.

Clones report back that the Droid Commander wants to speak to Battalion directly.

Battalion speaks to the Droid over secured comms and basically tells the droid that their in no escape and they should turn the clones over immediatly.

After one of the hostages are killed, the rescue squad may open fire.

With the droids being too powerful, the clones should retreat back to Main Base.

Main Base should prepare for a full assault at the Main Gate and from the mountains above.



After the Clones inform Jedi of the possible Sith that crash landed with the droids, Jedi should make their way to RO.

After reaching the RO the Jedi should begin talking and questioning the Sith.

They should ask the Sith why they are suspects for the clone hostages.

After the Apprentice attacks and is ultimately defeated, he can either surrender or fight to his death.

After the Apprentices end the Lord will start attacking, he should be dealt with.

Event Character Execution:


Clone EC's should try and remain undetected before Clones arrive at RO, once clones enter the RO the EC's should surround them and lock the gate entrance, forcing the clones to surrender. If any clones try to run or fight back they may be executed.

The Sniper Droids must stay alert on the mountains.

Once more clons arrive, the droids should not attack, yet they should let the Tactical droid negotatite.

After negotations fail, some droids may kill the captured clones. They should also attack the rescue squad of clones but ultimately let them escape to bring news to the Republic. 

After this they shall follow their Commander to the Main Base where they will attempt to over throw it.

They shall not negotaite further now and fully take aim at main base.

After the are on last life and low HP, they shall not surrender, but be dismantled fighting for the CIS.



Once spawned in Sith should stay near RO, but no on its grounds.

When Jedi approach, the Lord should mention to his Apprentice that killing a few Jedi would make him proud, making sure Jedi can hear this.

The Apprentice should start attacking the Jedi, trying to make his master proud.

Once the apprentice gets weak he can either choose to go out fighting or surrender.

Once the Apprentice is dealt with, the Lord shall exclaim his dissapointment with his failed Apprentice and show them "How it is done"

When he finally gets weak he can choose to hand himself over or go down swinging.




An CIS ship crash landed near Anaxes Republic Military Base, the crash site was near the Republic Outpost. Republic send troops out to investiagte the crash site but the Republic lose contact with them when they got near.  After the Republic dispatch scouts to the last known location of the the lost clones, they report that the clones have been captured.  Once the Republic get word that the clones have been ambushed at the RO, they send out a scout squad. Battalion are informed that the clones caputered are being used as hostages.  After the Republic sends out a rescue squad to retrieve the stolen clones, the Commander Tactical Droid demands to speak to a member of Battalion and if not he will execute a clone.  After the Commander of the droids and a Battalion member speak over Secured Comms to each other, they do not reach and aggrement and some defenseless clones are killed, the rescue squad starts firing back but the Droids are too powerful sending the clones into retreat.  With no hope of reach common ground now, the droids storm main base in hope to take it over.


The two Sith, a Sith Lord and his Apprentice who were on board the crashed ship, need off the planet and back on their travels.  The Apprenctice whom seeks to make his master proud comes up with the elabrate plan to capture the clones and ultimately the Republics attention, while also making a name for himself.  The plan is to ambush some clones and use them as ransom to supply money and a ship.  Once the Scout Clones spot the captured Clones and the Sith near them Jedi are alerted and make their way to the scene, the Sith Lord informs his Apprentice that a few Jedi heads would make him proud. After the Sith Lord sees how his Apprentice was weak, he himself steps in and starts cutting up Jedi himself.



[RP] We have spotted the lost clones sir, they seem to be captured by a bunch of clankers.

[SC] We have your clones, we want supplies and ships. If done correctly you may have your clones back alive.

[SC] We have you surrounded, give up while you can.

[SC] No more negotations then.

[RP] Executes a clone

Event Information:

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:

No I have not.

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:


Do you understand the responseabilties an event-planner has? If so, what are they?:

An Event Planner's responsiblities is to create and enjoyable event on behalf of every character playing, such as the Clone, Jedi and Event Characters. Event Planners are meant to bring the community together and make new players want to come back to this server for enjoyment.  While Event Planners have a lot of potential power they should not take advantage of this and should not be interferring with staff with their ULX powers

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:

Yes, I believe this is fair and totally resonable

Anything else?:

W-G E-Planner

Good luck to everyone else with their applications

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Nice guy and is active

Very detailed app with a fun event

Experienced in both Clone and Jedi so events on't be one-sided

Would be great to have more EPs that main Jedi 

Good Luck

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Very detailed app 
and great activity 

Good luck

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With the event team being full, we unfortunately didn't think you would be the best candidate for the last spot. Feel free to reapply once apps reopen again


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