SCP-RP Event Planner Application - Leon Hensley/Goliath

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 In-Game Name: Leon Hensley

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:151690150

List Of Warnings5 Warns, a year or two ago. (I'm surprised I still remember them)

                                1) Prop Abuse                         

                                2) RDM                                    

                                3)Minging, Non-compliant with staff, wasting staff time     (I do remember this one. I got warned for having my name "Hans Bismarck". Apparently I wasn't allowed to change my name because "People knew me as Leon Hensley and I should've stayed that way.")

                                4) FailRP  - uncuffed someone while in dream state           

                                5) FailRP as cop and mild abuse of the 3d radio.          


Any Previous or current staff experience:  I have been some sort of Staff Member in another community, and a Staff Member (Up to Administrator) for aproximately 5 to 6 months (PC burned out, and couldn't play. It took roughly 1 to 2 months for the parts to arrive. Even though my LOA was announced, I was still removed.)


Why should we pick you (200 Min):    I believe that I could fit in the role of Event Planner quite well thanks to my creativity and passion when talking about lore. I do enjoy Roleplaying, and it would be even better to offer others an enjoyable experience from time to time, such as giving researchers something to do, MTFs something to defend, or attack other than GoI raids or SCP breaches, and definitely something for the Site Administration to take decisions upon. Plague's recent events truly inspired me to even consider applying for such a role. Moreover, the simple thought of me creating an event in which something never thought of would enter the Site, and it's outcome will be based on how notable personnel (Site Director, Head of External Affairs, O5 Council, etc) would react makes me giggle. Maybe some Events could even cross. Other than that, I am serious enough not to abuse any sort of privileges given along this role, or any sort of tools given (Why would I want to be permanently banned?). If an event requires me to be serious, then so I shall be, if the event requires me to use a more jokey-ish approach, then I shall do so without exceeding boundaries.

           Moving onto the other part-time job an Event Planner has to complete: Staff On Duty. I have enough experience to say that I shouldn't have any problems with taking sits every now and then while preparing event materials such as models, writing scripts on how things would go, etc. There isn't really much to talk about the side-duties. I can manage without a problem, and usually hold the holy bible of Server Rules in a prepared tab.

Your event plan:  "Stay away from the darkness!" - MTF E-11 "Geiger" to MTF E-11 "Yasha"

         The event does not immediately start, but is rather hyped up slowly through actions such as a few lights malfunction, signalling that the generators might have a few hiccups (This would be realized by shutting the facility's lights off for 2 minutes every 5-10 minutes.), from which point the main Server will kick an automated message in: "WARNING: "Failed to distribute power throughout the facility. . .Re-routing. . .". About 20 minutes later with nothing happening in-between, another message kicks in: "WARNING: "Generator 1 and Generator 4 have suffered internal damage, Repair teams have been sent to investigate. | REDUCING POWER OUTPUT TO 60% FOR SAFETY REASONS". This message will also result in the emergency lights within the facility to kick in, letting darkness seep in the facility. By then, a hack will occur within the maintenance tunnel, where black smoke will seep through once the door opens, and anyone responding to the hack will see nothing but smoke for 10 seconds. The entity has infiltrated, and uses the darkness as its cover. From this moment on, the event officially starts, and will progress from the LCZ all the way back to EZ. The entity (me) will seek for a "host" (A player whom I choose to appear in front of without killing, and anyone else will be ignored, or briefly stalked). This host will receive specific traits that would make him stronger, yet by no means invincible, as well as instructions. Both traits and tasks will vary depending on which job he has within the facility. If he is a Chaos Insurgency Spy, he will be drawn into an isolated place, and be given stealth powers should he complete the task which is to silently capture a sacrificial "lamb" (anyone, but is encouraged to capture one of his own). If the host is a Foundation employee from the research department, he will be given powers which reflect this, such as psychic vision, teleportation and so on, as well as given the privilege to communicate with the entity to conduct research RP which will evolve on the spot (should it take a hostile approach, the entity will  deem the researcher no longer worthy, and convert the host into a zombie. Should it take a peaceful approach, the entity will approach the researcher, and take him away into his pocket dimension, offering him a "gift". Should the host be made for combat, he will receive more powerful weaponry and an offensive ability, such as the electric swep, and the task to capture an Administration member. If the host is an administration member, he will be given no abilities, however, a sword will be given, a health and armor buff, and the task to slay anyone who opposes the entity. It can also go for raising Greater Hosts, which are quite rare, and quite strong. Only two may exist at any given time.



        Once the host has been contained, detained, researched on, or killed, the entity will become angry and all lights will be shut off, except some wire Lights which will be left across the facility which represent "safe-spots" where the entity cannot walk in, hence why humans stalked by the entity should remain in the light. However, they are not invincible, as the entity can throw objects, or send lesser hosts (given only a knife no matter the job) to exterminate the stalked human. Should the entity's target be caught in the darkness for too long (5 seconds) the entity will transport the subject into another pocket dimension (106's dimension, shortly). If he survives more than 3 times, the entity will harass the target until it dies, or is defeated. As some would deduct, the antagonist here is afraid of bright light, which causes its skin to burn. The only way to defeat it is by re-activating the Generators which have been clogged. This process is done by sending 2 engineers to the server room to brute-force the system should it have any juice left. 

        There are TWO outcomes. 50/50. Should the server room have no power left, the stalked humans will not be killed anymore, but captured, and sent off to a dimension where they will endure pain through torture, and a portal will be open in a random spot within the facility for MTFs to enter and save them(If rescued, the entity will leave right there and then, if the hostages die, the entity will mock the facility and return later on. Should the server room have energy left, the generators will bust through whatever stopped them from functioning, and light the entire site up, from which point the entity will be visible as it attempts to run away through the Maintenance Tunnel. Said entity will inevitably die should it attempt to escape all the way from LCZ or HCZ, but will most likely live if it starts to run from EZ to the Maintenance Tunnel.



       Should all RP carry out passively, the entity will attempt more open communication, and reveal more about its past, and purpose within the Facility, as well as provide references to other SCPs such as 096 and, if permitted, to other events which took place within the site, such as the Warsmiths. The more kindness and passive RP is provided, the better said entity reacts, to the point where the ending will be something that can't be scripted at all, but is related to a peaceful departure , and something good will happen next it visits (Something like [??? will remember that]). 

        Short explanation: Lights begin to go crazy, eventually efficiency lowers, hosts are chosen to carry out tasks depending on job, preferably something RP oriented. If the Foundation focuses more on the death of the unknown entity, the event will lean towards Combat, if the Foundation leans towards understanding what they're dealing with, the event will lean towards Passive RP.  Those affected by the event (hosts, primarily) get to keep their powers, unless there is a risk that they would be abused, in which case I will warn the Administration (inRP) to keep watch on the hosts. P.S: The repair team sent to the Generators is not heard of ever again, as they went missing (for a later series of events should there be the case); 


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+1, I actually think you and Elk deserve being accepted.

The App is aids to read because of how you made the text look but its overall really nice.

The event sounds cool and you are a really mature user from my experience with you.

I wish you luck!

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