Unban Request : Dayjax

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Steam ID STEAM_0:1:529387711


Steam Name : Dayjax

Reason for Ban : Logging off during a arrest?

Ban length : 3 days.

Not sure on who banned me.

Why I beleive I should be unbanned : Read below.

I was arrested on the 29/08/2020 for entering 212th's barraecks for trespassing I accepted my fate.

Upon entering the Brig I asked for a trial by combat which was politely declined due to my sheer power.

I was then told i would be jailed for tresspassing for 20mins.

I sat there for 5mins contenplating if i should of requested a trial by combat before logging of due to sheer boredam and having to go eat some food.

I return to be banned for 3 days.


Please forgive,


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Clearly no intentions to RP
You do the crime you do the time, if you have to go to eat just go AFK and do the time, as easy as that.


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I've been RPing , thats true I could of. But i dont really like to leave my PC on 24/7. Also I feel sitting there for the original 5mins was more than enough for my sentence of tresspassing.

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I am the staff who banned you.


The reason you were banned is because you left while you were in an in-charachter punishment. This therefore means that you Left to avoid Roleplay Punishment. This, by standard, is a 2 day ban and that is how long you are banned for so I am unsure how you thought it was 3 days. Oh and btw, this is your actual steam id incase you forgot it STEAM_0:0:81554027 [using a different steam ID doesn't help you in any way]


- Navas

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Sorry navas I have 3 steams. all with the name dayjax. No worries see you in a few days. However I do think being jailed for 20mins for tresspassing is a bit harsh.

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2 hours ago, Dayjax said:

Upon entering the Brig I asked for a trial by combat which was politely declined due to my sheer power.


-1 The Gods have already decided your fate 

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